Arc Two: Tinsel City Blues - Episode One

Lena Yamazaki just wants to land a role in the biggest musical to hit Megatokyo in years. But, when an old friend drops back into her life, more than just her career take an unexpected turn.

Meanwhile a new serpent enters the garden. The world of the Knight Sabers just got a whole lot more dangerous...

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Featured in this episode were:

Rina Adachi as Lena Yamazaki

Taylor Carlson as Priss

Nathan P. Butler as Gene Stanley

Kristyn Mass as Ceilia Stingray


Christoper Stadther as Leon McNichol

Also heard in this episode were:

Lindsey Steindler as Nene Romanova

Mike Dent as Mackie Stingray

Chris Walker as Henderson

Tanya Milojevic as Irene Chang

Alex Gilmour as Kenneth Rhodes

Will Knavison as Genom's Spokesman

Carl Gosline as the Casting Director


Dylan Spencer as the Narrator