Arc Three: Paradigm Shift - Episode One

Leon McNichol’s investigation into the murderer of Richard Decker has stalled, but his regular duties bring him a chance at a fresh lead, and put him in unexpected danger.

Meanwhile, beneath Megatoyo, a new threat is rising.

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Featured in this episode were:

Christoper Stadther as Leon McNichol

Taylor Carlson as Priss

Edwyn Tiong as Brian J. Mason

Micah Touchet as Dwight Evans


Lindsey Steindler as Nene Romanova

Also heard in this episode were:

Mike Dent as Mackie Stingray

Chris Walker as Henderson

Eric Olp as Daley Wong

Devlin James as James Rawlins

Kristyn Mass as Ceilia Stingray

Tricia Groves as Mrs. Tanaka

Will Knavison as Takeshi Phillips and the Genom Scientist

Kelly Steindler, Sami Sadek, and Micah Touchet as the ADP troopers


Dylan Spencer as the Narrator