Arc Three: Paradigm Shift - Episode Two

The secret is out ... the Knight Sabers are not only real, they’re on the evening news!

As the city comes to grips with its urban legends made manifest, Nene Romanova stumbles across Mason’s plans for Leon, and rushed to save her friend.

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Featured in this episode were:

Lindsey Steindler as Nene Romanova

Taylor Carlson as Priss

Kristyn Mass as Ceilia Stingray

Edwyn Tiong as Brian J. Mason

and Chistopher Stadther as Leon McNichol

Also heard in this episode were:

Rina Adachi as Lena Yamazaki

Mike Dent as Mackie Stingray

Chris Walker as Henderson

Jen Rhodes as Kate Madigan

Devlin James as Quincy Rosenkroitz

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Sylvie

Will Knavison as Takeshi Phillips

Tricia Groves as Concerned Citizen

Sami Sadek as Impressed Citizen and ADP Chief Todo

Kelly Steindler as Excited Child

And Dylan Spencer as the Narrator