Arc Three: Paradigm Shift - Episode Three

Knight Sabers: Public Enemy Number One!

Accused of the attempt on Leon McNichol’s life, the Knight Sabers realize the true threat is coming from Genom’s black box facility. But the place is a fortress, can they end the danger before it’s too late?

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Featured in this episode were:

Edwyn Tiong as Brian J. Mason

Taylor Carlson as Priss

Christoper Stadther as Leon McNichol

Lindsey Steindler as Nene Romanova

Kristyn Mass as Ceilia Stingray


Jen Rhodes as Kate Madigan


Also heard in this episode were:

Dylan Spencer as the Narrator

Mike Dent as Mackie Stingray

Chris Walker as Henderson

Eric Olp as Daley Wong and Hermes

Devlin James as Quincy Rosenkroitz


Dylan Spencer as the Narrator