About FMP...

Forward Momentum Productions is a fan organization dedicated to audio drama. What is an Audio Drama you ask? Well, back before television they used to run dramatic programming on radio, leaving it up to the listener to envision the events a group of actors, or maybe just a narrator was reading live. The result is rather like listening to an audiobook. Just as no two people envision a scene in a novel quite the same way, no two people would see a radio drama scene in the same fashion either. This helped give rise to a concept that is the very motto of FMP: "The Cinema of Your Imagination." You don't just listen to our stories, you experience them in a very personal way.

Sounds neat! How do I help?

Check our Auditions down below to see what's in the works. We're always looking for anyone willing to lend a voice or editing assistance. Most times enthusiasm counts for more than vocal talent. Besides, we keep all auditions around, just in case a role comes up you might not have considered. All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and some free software (we recommend Audacity: free and easy to use).

Do you do original work, or just fan stuff?

As of now, all our projects are fan-work. But we have an original production or two rattling around in the works.

But what about Copyright?

As we said, we're a group of fans. We never accept money for our work, it's done as a labor of love. The stories we work with are, when you boil it down, fanfiction. We don't own Star Wars for instance, but we do Star Wars audio drama. We have no affiliation whatsoever with the companies whose intellectual property we use nor do we claim to. The simple fact is that if your work is COMPLETELY original (no borrowed IPs, music or sfx) then you have full rights to it. But if a single thing isn't your own work, then it's a fan-production and it's better not to claim any rights at all. Put in the best light, what we do is the gray side of legal. We never claim credit for work that is not ours, nor do we want to step on anyone's toes. If a copyright holder feels we've stepped over the line, we will gladly honor their wishes. What we do here is for fun, and love of a dying art form.

So why do it?

Frankly, because it's fun. There's no better feeling than watching a scene you write come together with people's voices. Suddenly the words are alive and the scene is more than just words on a page.

Any other questions? You can reach us here.

Thank you for your interest in FMP.

Forward Momentum Productions are...

Hardcore Cyberpunk Action!


Bubblegum Crisis:
The Audio Drama


Boomers, semi-sentient cybernetic organisms are the gift of the Genom corporation to all mankind. They do the hard work, the monotonous labor, the dangerous tasks – they are our partners in the future.

At least according to the brochure...

The creator of the Boomers died in a mysterious fire a decade earlier, but now the secrets of his death engulf Priss, a young girl from the Rift section of Megatokyo. When her lover is murdered to keep a decade-old secret, she becomes a unknowing player in the war for control of the future.

Priss is alone, against the greatest corporate juggernaut in human history, and her only hope is a shadowy group of high tech cyber warriors called the Knight Sabers, but will they find her before the murdered returns to finish the job?


Arc One: Blades

Episode 1

Megatokyo is not a second Eden, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still have its serpents.

A young couple in the city's poor Rift section are about to become caught up in the early stages of a desperate war fought in the shadows cast by the Mega City's gleaming fortresses of wealth and power.

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Episode 2

Priss' personal tragedy blinds her to the forces swirling around her. The AD Police continue to investigate her involvement in her lover's death, Genom executives continue to pursue her, and from afar, the mysterious Knight Sabers watch over it all...

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Episode 3

Driven to the breaking point, Priss has risked her life to avenge Rick's murder. She lashes out at his killer, but the fallout of her rash plan will change her life forever.

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Episode 4

In the aftermath of the Edogawa riot, the true shape of Cybergenics' menace becomes clear. Flint's lust for revenge and power will rock the Mega City, if not the world, to it's very foundation.

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Arc Two: Tinsel City Blues

Episode 1

Lena Yamazaki just wants to land a role in the biggest musical to hit Megatokyo in years. But, when an old friend drops back into her life, more than just her career take an unexpected turn.

Meanwhile a new serpent enters the garden. The world of the Knight Sabers just got a whole lot more dangerous...

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Episode 2

In the aftermath of Celia's epic meltdown, Priss begins to ask questions about the Knight Sabers' cause, and where Celia got their amazing technology to begin with.

All the while, the streets are being flooded with combat stimulants disguised as designer drugs... and the truth of Irene's bereavement is revealed.

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Episode 3

Driven past her breaking point, Lena Yamazaki is out for revenge. But in her rage, a threat to the entire world is born. The concluding episode of Tinsel City Blues will see Megatokyo rocked to it's very core.

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Arc Three: Paradigm Shift

Episode 1

Leon McNichol’s investigation into the murderer of Richard Decker has stalled, but his regular duties bring him a chance at a fresh lead, and put him in unexpected danger.

Meanwhile, beneath Megatoyo, a new threat is rising.

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Episode 2

The secret is out ... the Knight Sabers are not only real, they’re on the evening news!

As the city comes to grips with its urban legends made manifest, Nene Romanova stumbles across Mason’s plans for Leon, and rushed to save her friend.

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Episode 3

Knight Sabers: Public Enemy Number One!

Accused of the attempt on Leon McNichol’s life, the Knight Sabers realize the true threat is coming from Genom’s black box facility. But the place is a fortress, can they end the danger before it’s too late?

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Cast of Characters


The Knight Sabers

A shadowy band of high-tech vigilantes, the Knight Sabers are barely more than a hushed rumor in the world, but they are very real.

Using techonology far beyond even that vailable to the militaries of the word, the Knight Sabers stay in the shadows, keeping people safe from rampaging Boomers when even the AD Police can't. Led by Celia Stingray, their motives remeain unclear...

Priscilla "Priss" Asagiri

Priss Asagiri

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Taylor Carlson

A motorcycle enthusiast and aspiring singer, Priss is a firebrand of a young woman.

Priss was drawn into the Knight Sabers' world of intrigue after her boyfriend was murdered to keep Genom's theft of the original Cyberdroid research secret. She signed on initially for the chance for revenge, but has since come to realize that they really do serve a greater purpose. In a world where the common man becomes more and more enslaved by a corporate master, the Knight Sabers represent the greatest idea possible, hope.

Her driving ambition, however, is to sing. She wants to become the kind of singer who sways people's hearts and minds, who has the sort of immortality that few ever achieve. She wants her songs, her voice, to make a difference in this world.

She's unique among her teammates in that Priss lives in the Rift area of Old Tokyo, the section on the western side of the city that was most devastated by the earthquake. She makes her home in an old semi trailer, which she's managed to hook up to functioning electricity and water lines.

Priss is hot-tempered and aggressive. She's also the most effective in-close combatant the Knight Sabers have, which is why her Hardsuit is covered with so much weaponry. She can be difficult to control in the field, but the rest of the team is glad she's on THEIR side.

Ceilia Stingray

Ceilia Stingray

Occupation: business woman, Knight Saber
Voiced by:Kristyn Mass

The daughter of Dr. Carl Stingray, the genius cyberneticist who first invented the Cyberdroid, and thus, the Boomer, Celia is a very wealthy woman at the center of a secret crusade.

To the public eye, she's a businesswoman in Megatokyo's well-to-do Tinsel City area. She owns several buildings, and manages a very successful clothing boutique. She flatly refuses to publicly discuss her famous father, who died when she was fifteen. As such, any fame she may entitled to has long since withered away.

In secret, Celia is the founder and leader of the Knight Sabers. The beyond-cutting-edge powered armor they use, the Harsuits, are of her design. How she came by such advanced knowledge is a complete mystery. While she has a degree in business, she's never shown any public aptitude for the sciences.

Celia seems to have two distinct sides to her personality. One is very warm and caring. She respects the role she plays within the group, and the input ofher friends and teammates. The other, is very cool and calculating. This is theside that makes the plans, that drives her, that wants to see Genom punished for what it's done, not just to humanity, but to the slave race Genom is built upon.

It is rumored among her surviving family, that Celia's father did something to her mind when she was a child. This is perhaps the reason behind both the creation of the Knight Sabers, and her somewhat fragmented personality.

Lena Yamazaki

Lena Yamazaki

Occupation: Stock Broker, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Rina Adachi

Lena is a long-time friend of Celia's.

Since their families were lont-time friends, Lena and Celia were raised close as sisters.When Celia's father passed away, Lena's family took in the Stingray children, until Celia turned eighteen.

Lena has always had dreams of being a dancer. She studied since she was five, and supplemented that training with various martial arts disciplines. Lena holds mastery in several distinct styles.

She is also obsessed with making money. It all began when a stray comment her father made when she was young, "So, how is DANCING going to feed you?" lead her to begin hoarding her pocket money. It became a mild obsession, and resulted in her eventually becoming a certified stock broker. Lena made her first multimillion dollar deal when she was only a month out of school. But you'd never know it unless she told you. She's got a small apartment in eastern Megatokyo, and lives very simply.

Lena seems to have incredibly good luck, except where she wants it. She's had a string of horribly unsuccessful romantic relationships, much to the chagrin of her friends, who are all getting just a bit sick of hearing Lena's latest sob story...

Always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, Lena can occasionally be a bit too blunt. You'd think this would strain friendships, but the rest of the team know she is always there when they need her.

Nene Romanova

Nene Romanova

Age:24 (on paper) 19 (actual)
Occupation: AD Police dispatcher, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Lindey Steindler

Nene is the youngest member of the Knight Sabers, at only 19 years old. Shecan be very childish and impulsive, but in her own way, she's also the most frightening. Nene is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. It doesn't matter how secure your database is, if it has a single line to the outside world, it is Nene's plaything.

Deciding while still in high school that she'd had enough of home and her overprotective parents, Nene cracked open her own birth records. She altered her date of birth so she was now legally adult. Then she hacked a property management company's server and took over the lease of a nice vacant apartment in Megatokyo with paid up rent and... simply left. When she eventually grew bored of having nothing to do all day, she broke into the AD Police database and literally gave herself a job as a Support and Dispatch officer.

Nene is actually the first person Celia brought onto the team. It started with rumors of a nigh-impenetrable database, a network that had defeated everyone who tried to crack it. It included heuristic algorithms, black ICE programs... and things that didn't even have names yet. It took Nene three weeks to finally get in, and when she did, all she found was a job offer.

Nene's hardsuit isn't designed primarily for combat, which is good since she's by far the least effective fighter the Knight Sabers have. Its purpose, however, is to act as a mobile electronic warfare suite. With her suit's systems, Nene can take control of most electronic devices around her, surveillance systems go offline, radio communications become jammed. Shes even been known to divert spy satellites.

Nene Romanova in one scary lady.

Mackie Stingray

Mackie Stingray

Occupation: Lord of Knight Saber Mantenance
Voiced by: Mike Dent

Mackie has the best life in the known universe. A ninteen year old kid who spends his days tinkering with motorcycles and high-tech gadgets, and his nights fighting crime surrounded by babes in powered armor.

At least, that's what he tells himself. In actuality, he's the Knight Saber's chief grunt. He drives the truck, does the lion's share of the maintenance on their equipment, and more less lives at his sister's beck and call.

It's easy to underestimate Mackie. The boy is something of a goofball. He's always making jokes, or scheming about how to get cameras into the changing rooms... In other words, he's a typical teenager. He seems very content to just drift along through life. He just finished high school and has no plans to go on to college, nor any desire to go get a job... but the fact is, he doesn't have time. Mackie is as dedicated to the Knight Sabers' cause as the girls are.

While not as apparently gifted as Celia is in the brains department, Mackie is no slouch. She may have designed the the Hardsuits, but Mackie is the mad genius behind the auxiliary weaponry and augmentation systems they use in combat.

Henderson Alvarez


Occupation: Butler, Knight Saber support
Voiced by: Chris Walker

Henderson is the butler, friend, and surrogate father figure of the Stingray siblings, and of the Knight Sabers as a whole.

Polite and unassuming, his formality (he insnsits on usng proper titles for everyone) at first can seem a bit cold, but nothing is further from the truth. He cares deeply for Celia, Mackie and their circle of friends.

On the day young Celia Stingray became her brother's legal guardian and moved them into their new home, Henderson made contact. Celia immediately took him into their new household as their new butler... but apparently, at some point in the past, he lived a very different life. He seems to know a great deal about Cybernetics, Boomer design, and is instrumental in the Knight Sabers' operations.

He assists the Knight Sabers in the field, but he does so from their secure bunker headquarters. Home Base which is beneath one of Celia's properties. He supplies Data support, and helps monitor police and media response. While he secretly wishes that Celia and Mackie wouldn't endanger themselves so, he understands why they do. While he knows he can never replace what they lost, he looks after the Stingray children as if they were his own.

G.E.N.O.M. executives

The Global Economic Network Of Mankind, better known as the Genom Corporation, is a monolithic giant of capitalism gone far, far over the line. Its CEO once joked that the Polar War waged between the United States and the Russian Federation was simply fought to decide who had the right to buy Genom products.

It's global monopoly on Boomer technology, has given Genom a deathgrip on the world economy, and they wield that power without regard for the consequences to the rest fo the world.

Quincy Rosenkroitz, Chairman of Genom

Quincy Rosenkroitz

Age:Unknown (presumed early eighties)
Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Genom
Voiced by: Devlin James

To say that Quincy Rosenkroitz is the richest man on Earth is like calling Mt. Everest a speed bump.

Son of a German industrialist, Quincy knew himself to be a man of destiny from an early age. He began amassing a bewildering array of contacts, business alliances, the occasional shady politician, and a truly staggering amount of assets before he'd even left school. By the time he was forty, he'd already managed to corner several developing markets around the world.

But it wasn't enough. Despite his vast wealth, he still felt as though something greater beckoned. That something came to him from another man's vision. A small cybernetics lab that was financed, through several layers of shell corporations, by one of Rosenkroitz's interests.

Whiz Laboratories had stumbled upon something so staggering, it would remake the world... and the fools were too blinded by their science to see it. When all their primary talent died in a fire, and the lab was destroyed in the incident, it caused him no great moment of sadness.

The few remains of their work, however... those, he carefully cultivated.

His network, Genom, is now the single largest corporate entity in human history. Quincy Rosenkroitz sits upon his throne and looks down on the world that is his, spurning all human contact... and it is good.

Brian J. Mason, President of Genom Heavy Industries

Brian J. Mason

Age: 49
Occupation: Senior VP, Heavy Industries division, and Chief Operating Officer of Genom
Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong

The number two man on the Genom totem pole, Brian J. Mason is CEO Quincy Rosenkroitz's right hand man. While the Chairman is reclusive, Mason is the public face of Genom. Mason is the man who is seen with political leaders, Mason is the one who gives interviews (at least occasionally).

Cold and calculating, in the shark-infested waters of the Genom hierarchy, Mason's is the shadow that all the other predators fear. Many have speculated that with Rosenkroitz's advancing age, Mason may actually be the one calling the shots. This isn't entirely untrue, but even Mason still serves at the whim of the biggest shark in the sea, and he knows it.

Perhaps he's biding his time, perhaps he's just waiting for the old man to die...

The cool, lethal armor he presents to his fellow man has but one small gap, his relationship with Kate Madigan. It isn't really love, not as the rest of humanity know it. Love is too simple, too ordinary a word. Kate knows him, the real him. His hopes, his desires. With her, Brian can relax and let down the shields that keep him safe, at least partially. There are depths to this man no one will ever see, and his ultimate goals, are not so easily gleaned.

Kate Madigan, Head of Special Projects

Kate Madigan

Age: 44
Occupation: Senior VP, Corporate Affairs at Genom
Voiced by: Jen Rhodes

Kate Madigan is a very powerful woman. Head of Genom Corporate Affairs, she is responsible the smooth running of the enormous network on a day-to-day basis. She hires, she fires... She hides the bodies.

Madigan's is a name to conjure with, but only if you like playing with fire. She tolerates no failure or interference from others, and her passion for efficiency and expedience is well known. In public, she rarely shows much emotion aside from cool disdain. It is said amongst her small inner-circle of subordinates however, that she's at her most terrifying when she becomes enraged... because it's impossible to tell from the rest of the time.

Kate's relationship with Brian Mason is the worst-kept secret amongst the higher echelons at Genom, though it's not widely known outside those circles. She is fiercely loyal to him, and regards any threat to Brian as a threat to her. She does not allow threats to exist. She deals with them quietly, and decisively.

Because, after all, the woman who knows where all the bodies are buried, is the woman who REALLY holds the power...

Thomas Flint, former CEO of Cybergenics

Thomas Flint

Age: 51
Occupation: Now a Genom Senior VP, was CEO of the Cybergenics corporation
Voiced by: Michael Valenzuela

Thomas Flint is a recent addition to the Genom family. His research firm, Cybergenics, was a leader in the field of cybernetics and genetics. Their successes in producing cloned biological implants for limb replacement and organ failure made Cybergenics one of the foremost bio medical corporations.

Naturally, Genom couldn't have that. The economic juggernaut simply absorbed the smaller firm three years ago.

Flint found himself with a seat in the larger pool of Genom vice presidents, where he quickly formed alliances with several other key divisions, and parlayed their eventual success and merger into a seat at the Senior VP's table.

Flint is a political animal. Brilliant in his own right, he's always looking for an angle, for how to game the system to his advantage and the advancement of his interests. Recently, he's begun probing potential weaknesses of the Heavy Industries division.

Thomas Flint simply wants it all, and he's willing to step on anyone he has to to get there.

The Advance Deployment (AD) Police

Charged with officially investigating all crimes related to Boomers, it is the unenviable task of the AD Police to deal with the artificial life forms when the do indeed, go rogue. Because of this, the ADP is divided into several Tactical Squads. Think of them as swat teams on steroids. In addition, there are several other units, some investigative, some support... The ADP are not merely thugs in riot armor, despite its public perception.

For several years, the AD Police were able to contain the odd Boomer riot here and there, but as their funding has been cut and Boomer riots become more explosive, the situation has only deteriorated.

Leon McNichol

Leon McNichol

Age: 29
Occupation: Investigator and Squad Lead, ADP 3rd Tactical Squad
Voiced by: Christopher Stadther

Leon McNichol is too cool for a lot of rooms... in his own mind at least.

At eighteen, he enlisted and served in the United States Marine Corps. In training he showed such a gift for small-unit tactics and sheer ability to survive that he caught the eye of Colonel Sam Lando. Leon found himself soon attached to Col. Lando's unit and doing the sorts of missions that never officially happen.

Unfortunately, Col. Lando wasn't the sterling example of an Officer everyone thought him to be. Involved in numerous suspicious incidents, he was finally brought to a court martial and all Lando's men were quietly dishonorably discharged.

One of the presiding officers at Lando's trial didn't agree with the broad brush that painted the innocent as well as guilty. He made it his task to see that those who really were only following orders landed on their feet. He put Leon in contact with an old war buddy, John Rawlins, with the Advance Deployment Police in Tokyo and Leon signed on.

Here, amongst the Tac Squad grunts, he found his place. Leon quickly became the core of the wildly successful Third Squad, eventually being promoted to it's lead position when the former Lead retired. He also showed an innate grasp of both deduction and investigative technique. At the urging of his squad mates, he took the test and was recently promoted once again, this time to Investigator. This makes him unique in the organization. A hybrid squad leader-detective as it were.

Leon still has issues with his past, however. His experience with Col. Lando and the way the top brass treat the rank and file of the ADP make him very distrustful his superiors. This trait shows itself at times when he butts heads with his direct superior John Rawlins. Some of their arguments could peel paint. Underneath all that anger is actual respect, but some times it seems very, VERY far under...

Daley Wong

Daley Wong

Age: 31
Occupation: ADP Investigator
Voiced by: Eric Olp

Daley Wong is used to being the strangest guy in the room. A graduate of M.I.T., he actually holds a Doctorate in Cybernetics. He SHOULD be earning a whole lot more money doing research and designing the next breakthrough... but he's not interested in that. Instead, he works as an Investigator for the AD Police. He's not even in their Forensics department, he's out in the field. He says it's 'more interesting.'

Usually way too cerebral and sarcastic for most people, naturally Daley found himself partnered with the rising star of the ADP, Leon McNichol. The two work rather well together. Leon provides observation and human insight to complement Daley's technical expertise and eye for detail.

Of course, sometimes their working relationship is TOO smooth. A chance remark about the amount of time they spend together once led to a joke that they should just get married and make it official. The joke took on a life of its own and now some people think it may actually be true and the pair never bothered to tell anyone. Since neither Daley or Leon will dignify it with a response, the rumors continue to grow...

Captain John Rawlins

John Rawlins

Age: 71
Occupation: Overall Commander, ADP Tactical Units
Voiced by: Devlin James

There's the brass, the people who rub elbows with the politicians, who have careers to think about and nice houses in the burbs... and then there's the guys who just get the work done.

For nearly sixty years, John Rawlins has gotten work done.

Nearing retirement, Rawlins is in charge of all the ADP's Tactical Units. Every combat team, every investigator... Rawlins is the guy they call Boss. He backs his officers all the way. Rawlins will shield them when the suits upstairs want a scapegoat. He'll not let anyone speak ill of the men and women who serve beneath him and get their hands dirty doing the old Protect And Serve.

Of course the opposite is also true. If you screw up, if you put yourself above your unit...if you cross the line... then God have mercy on your soul, cause John Rawlins won't have an ounce of mercy on your butt as he kicks it across town.

Forward Momentum Productions are...

Off, to Outer Space!


Sea of Stars

About Sea of Stars

The Earth fought off the first Comet Empire invasion in 2202, but ten years later the Empire returned and this time, our world fell before their might.

After five years of brutal oppression, our planet is a dried, dead husk. Our Imperial masters have decided that before they can move on, the earth must be destroyed and has sent a massive fleet to sterilize the planet's surface.

Our only hope lay with a small band of resistance fighters and their secret weapon, the resurrected Space Cruiser Argo, a mighty battleship that defeated the Empire's initial invasion fifteen years ago. But can her ragtag, inexperienced crew cope with not just the battles ahead, but their own inner turmoils?


Editor's Note: If you've never seen the original "Star Blazers" TV series and the "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" movies, we recommend starting with our historical documentary episode, “The Argo: Sailor of the Stars”. If the film “Final Yamato” makes you cry at the end, feel free to start with “Episode Zero: Invasion!”

Star Blazers Era

The Star Blazers Era

"The Argo: Sailor of the Stars".

The animated series, Star Blazers, the classic Uchuu Senkan Yamato animated films, and even the newer Yamato series and live action film can be found for sale online. The first season of the classic Star Blazers dub is also available to stream from various online media outlets.

We fervently hope you will seek out the orignal animation, but in the meantime we present our ode to the classic series.

Direct Download

Sea of Stars: A Voyage of the Space Cruiser Argo

Episode 0: Invasion!

"On the darkest day in Human history, the Comet Empire returned..."

Direct Download

Season One

Episode 1: The Legend
After the conquest of Earth, a new threat rises. A heroic band of freedom fighters must find some way to combat the end of Humanity. Our only hope may lay with an old hero of the Earth Defense Force, and the secret that has lain hidden for fifteen years.

Direct Download

Episode 2: Argo Lifts Off Into A New Dawn
With less than six months to the extermination of humanity, the new Star Force hurry to rebuild their vessel, and blast off into an uncertain future.

Direct Download

Episode 3: Prisms of View
The Star Force's new fighter pilots are viewed with distrust and scorn, can the crew stand together in the coming days?

Direct Download

Episode 4: Ambush at Jupiter!
The Scourge Fleet is not the only enemy, Colonel Nasca of the Comet Empire lays a trap for the Star Force!

Direct Download

Episode 5: The Calm Before the Storm
In the aftermath of Nasca's attack, the Star Force struggle to repair the Argo, and Michael Vega learns part of the truth about Captain Wildstar's past.

Direct Download

Episode 6: Firestorm
The Scourge Fleet has arrived, and the Argo must face it... alone.

Direct Download

Season Two

Episode 7: The New Menace
After the battle, The Star Force repair their ship and lick their wounds. But news of a grave new threat prompts the Argo to a new course of action.

Direct Download

Episode 8: In Pursuit of Hope
Wildstar has ordered the Argo off on a desperate bid for answers, but when the Argo finds an impossible world, the crew is tested in ways they'd never dreamed.

Direct Download

Episode 9: Threads of the Past
Messengers from the next world bring tidings of hope to the crew of the Argo, and possibly a solution to the desperate fate awaiting Earth.>

Direct Download

Episode 10: Betrayal at New Telezart
The Argo is attacked on the surface of New Telezart, an ambush brought about by the traitor among the Star Force. But who is the wolf in sheep's clothing, and how will the Argo survive Major Terril's suprise assault?

Direct Download

Episode 11: Always Darkest...
The Argo launches an attack on an Imperial armory, even as Jahmorta begins the final assault on Earth.

Direct Download

Episode 12: ...Before The Dawn
The final battle. Will Earth be saved, or have we truly reached the end of our story?

Direct Download

Sea of Stars: Odyssey

Set fifty years after the end of Voyage, Odyssey is the story of the next generation to serve aboard the Argo.

Season One

Episode 1: "Crossroads"

A half century of peace, but life hasn't become magically perfect.
Returning from duty in deep space, a Solar Federation officer faces a major change in her life, and potentially the end of her career.
This is but the first step in a far longer journey.

Direct Download

Episode 2: Liftoff! The Odyssey Begins

The new Star Force boards the Argo, preparing for the long journey to Galmania.
But can they learn to work together in the time they still have? They’re on a mission to prevent a war, but can they stop fighting each other long enough to launch?

Direct Download

Episode 3: Ambush!! The Pioneer's Plea

After a bumpy start, the Argo has launched.
But all is not well, as a mechanical malfunction imperils the mission, and a new enemy attacks.

Direct Download

Episode 4: The Gathering Storm

In the aftermath of the attack on the Aldrin, the Argo prepares for the final jump to Galmania.
But the scars of the battle were left in more than just the ship, and the damage to the crew will be more difficult to repair.
The mystery deepens, and the Star Force realize just how big the stakes really are.

Direct Download

Episode 5: The Smile of a Predator

The world of Galmania —center of a galaxy-spanning Empire— is a powder keg waiting for the merest spark.
In this gallery of cold smiles and hidden daggers, Captain Venture finds unexpected hope, while Kinu Ogawa is drawn into a deadly game.

Direct Download

Episode 6: Fly! Zero!

The Skies of Gallmania flash with artificial lightning. Deadly skill and fierce pride match pilot against pilot in sport rather than war, but it is no less deadly for all of that.
And in this tense scene, Emperor Desslok's truth weighs heavily upon its secret bearer.

Direct Download

Episode 7: The Hidden Knife

The stars have paused. On all sides, breath is held, weapons are readied. Wary eyes survey drawn lines and all await the single spark that will send everything up in fire.
In this tense milieu, one betrayal will have galaxy-shaking ramifications.

Direct Download

Episode 8: The Broken Storm

As the Star Force lick their wounds, the world of Gallmania descends further into chaos.
But there remain still greater revelations, in the ominous night...

Direct Download

Episode 9: The Revelation of the Valbarden

Gallmania is a a dead word, wreathed in flame and blood... above, Fleet Admiral Kine vows vengeance.
Meanwhile, the chaos that surrounds our solar system will irrevocably remake the galaxy, forever.

Direct Download

Episode 10: The Turning of Wheels

The Valbarden, a mysterious race from beyond our universe. They crushed our fleet like they were toys and stole our home from us.
All over the galaxy though, life must go on. We must pick up whatever pieces remain and move forward, somehow.

Direct Download

Episode 11: The Case for Hope

Anger, hope, hatred, kindness, revenge.... Our reasons for moving forward are often conflicts of their own.
As the remains of the Gallman fleet prepare for battle, the Star Force continue to repair their ship and recover - even as they prepare for the battles to come.

Direct Download

Episode 12: The Face Beneath

Anger, hope, hatred, kindness, revenge.... Our reasons for moving forward are often conflicts of their own.
As the remains of the Gallman fleet prepare for battle, the Star Force continue to repair their ship and recover - even as they prepare for the battles to come.

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Episode 13: The Descening Blade

Their refuge discovered, the Star Force is forced into a desperate battle to survive as overwhelming number of Valbarden Ships dog their track.

The season finale of Sea of Stars: Odyssey find the Argo ambushed by a relentless tide of Valbarden warships. Can anything save our heroes, or is this the end of their journey? Meanwhile, on occupied Earth, Mark Watts makes an ominous discovery.

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"A Voyage of the Space Cruiser Argo" Characters


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Most of the series takes place aboard the rebuilt space battleship Argo. Her crew, the Star Force, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life. This haggard, rag-tag band of resistance fighters have to come together and work as a team to avert the coming annihilation of humanity, and the destruction of Earth itself. But common cause is not always the strongest bond. People, as always, are flawed...

Michael Vega

Michael Vega was born to be an explorer. Originally the youngest of three brothers, Never content with a life on Earth, Michael entered the Exploration and Cosmic Studies program at the Space Academy as soon as he could. He wanted nothing more than a billet on the first deep-range exploration ship that would have him. Then the Empire invaded.

One family member at a time, the Occupation slowly whittled Vega's family down to just himself, and his eldest brother, Richard, who was serving with the remains of the EDF fleet beyond the Solar system. An uncomfortable soldier at best, Michael Vega joined the earthside resistance, and has been fighting the empire ever since.

The two driving forces in his life are his surviving brother Richard, and the hope that one day the Comet Empire will be driven off, and he may yet realize his dream of seeing other worlds. Around other people, Vega is rather quiet and shy. He's been harboring a crush on Sam Vandom for nearly three years now, and his best friend, Neville Drake keeps teasing him about it. But Vega can't bring himself to try and bring his and Sam's friendship to the next level.

Michael Vega is voiced by Sean Hill.

Neville Drake

Neville is the son of a rich farm conglomerate owner who (at least publicly) is collaborating with the Comet Empire Occupation to provide food and other resources to the Imperial military. Neville had a very public falling out with his family over this and left home to join the EDF rebellion. His father publicly disowned him at that point, although he started secretly funneling food and resources to the Rebels.

A suave talker, Neville looks on his best friend, Michael Vega, as something of a project. He's always pushing Mike to confess his feelings for their mutual friend Sam Vandom, before someone else does.

Friendly and outgoing, Drake is always the first one to shake hands, the guy who buys the first round, and probably the next one too. He enjoys cutting loose and having fun, even when it seems somewhat inappropriate.

Coming from a wealthy background, some of the privations of his new life were a major adjustment, but Drake has settled into his role well, and goes out of his way to make such transitions easier for new people around him. Neville Drake is a one-man welcoming committee.

As the Chief Navigator/Pilot of the Argo, Drake commands a section of about thirty crewmen. His relaxed style and willingness to shoulder any burden to get the job done, has earned the respect of not just his section, but the rest of the crew as well.

Neville Drake is voiced by Scott Breakall.

Sam Vandom

Sam is something of the den mother to this wild pack of young men.

Most of the male crew harbor a small crush on her, but she wants nothing to do with the boys. She will joking say she "prefers a real man". Warm and caring, she's always the first to try and soothe a wounded soul. Always willing to go out of her way to help those in need, Same joined the resistance, not out of duty or desire for revenge, but because she felt she could do the most good there.

Deep in her heart she despises the violence, the killing. But despite this, she will fiercely defend her friends and her home. Sam is the den mother, get between her and her charges, and it will leave scars.

Sam has an uncanny ability to spot patterns in random-seeming data. Her primary duties at resistance headquarters were to identify possible gaps in Earth's orbital defenses, and assist the remaining EDF fleet in smuggling supplies and provisions down to Earth. She's a natural for the post of Radar Officer. Very little happens that she ISN'T aware of.

Sam Vandom is voiced by Philippa Ballantine.

Joachin Reyes

Reyes is the class clown, there's just no other way to say it. He's always ready with a quip or a joke, anything to help lighten the mood a bit. The fact that a lot of his humor is in bad taste, doesn't slow him in the slightest.

Sometimes, his sarcasm is perfect for diffusing tense situations, but sometimes, it only intensifies bad feelings among his fellow officers. Ordinarily, this sort of personality flaw would automatically reject someone from serving in an area where people are always in each others' faces and personal issues can explode beyond all proportion. But in Joachin's case, it's a small price to pay.

The reason his superiors put up with his cheekiness, is that there's no one better than Joachin Reyes at what he does. He can look at an encrypted signal and pick it apart faster than most decryption computers. Most Communications Officers think of their job as a science, to Reyes, it's high art. He takes great pride in his skill, perhaps too much.

Being one of the younger fighters in the EDF resistance, Reyes is still a bit unsure of himself, or his place in the social hierarchy. Maybe that's why he's such a smart-ass, or maybe he just comes by it naturally after all.

Joachin Reyes is voiced by Nathan P. Butler.

Derek Wildstar

Derek Wildstar is a pivotal figure in Earth's recent history. He's commanded men in battle, literally saved humanity several times, and forged the first tentative friendships between Earth and extra-terrestrial powers.

And he's not yet fifty years old.

The de facto Captain of the Argo at the time, Derek Wildstar played a major role in the defeat of the first Comet Empire invasion in 2202. He continued in this role for the next four years until, feeling he'd done his bit for king and country, Derek left the EDF in 2206 to enter the civilian sector.

He continued to serve Earth, however, by becoming a liaison between the EDF and a major defense contractor, Sandor Aerospace.

He didn't rejoin the military until just after the second Imperial invasion, following the disastrous battle at Jupiter. Given his experience, and the dearth of officers with his grasp of logistics, Derek quickly rose to the rank of Colonel in the EDF Resistance.

A grim and quiet man. The burden of command falls heavily upon him.

Of all the people who served aboard the Argo, Derek Wildstar is the sole surviving Officer. He feels a great deal of guilt regarding members of the Star Force who fell in the invasion. While he doesn't allow his feelings about it to affect his current command, his refusal to talk about the past shows that something is slowly eating away at him from the inside. This is a major cause of concern for his closest friends.

Derek Wildstar is voiced by Joe Harrison.

Hans Schneider

Hans is frightfully intelligent. He was used as a lab assistant/slave by a Comet Empire scientist trying to unravel the secrets of the inert Cosmo DNA machine the Argo retrieved from the planet Iscandar. Upon his escape two years ago, Hans joined the EDF resistance.

Very level and quiet in his demeanor, Hans often fades into the background in any sort of social environment. This sort of brusque, impersonal distance can rub people the wrong way, especially people like Reyes, who has made it his mission in life to get a rise of "Herr Spock."

He can be very cold and calculating, and rarely expresses much emotion. He uses his own coolness as a shell, a shield wall to fend off his crewmates and humanity in general. In fact, one could almost call him robotic, if not for the fact that he plays the most beautiful violin. It's as if he walls the human side of his character away until he can let it out in private. Hans never plays when he thinks someone may hear him.

The only subject on which he speaks with any passion, is that of Science. Hans firmly believes that the defeat of the Comet Empire can only come through advancements in our own technology.

Hans Schneider is voiced by Zach McCue.

Mac Stevens

Mac Stevens seems like he was born to be a Gunnery Officer. Aggressive, combative and just downright mean, Mac loves to hear the big guns go BOOM. He never backs down when challenged, but he also respects the same trait in others.

Trained in heavy weapons, Mac fosters a deep-seeded need to kill aliens, and he doesn't trust anyone who's too close to them, regardless of their side in the war. This comes from the fact that his family was murdered by a Comet Empire officer just to make a point. He had to watch as they killed his wife and did worse than kill his daughter. Mac doesn't talk about it.

His personal tragedy fuels his insatiable desire to kill the enemy. Make no mistake about it, Mac is a very troubled soul who wants nothing more than to lash out at those who have hurt him. While he won't endanger his comrades in pursuit of this goal, no one wants to get between him and the enemy.

Mac does have a side that remembers something other than anger. He can be incredibly gentle when moved to be so. He's sort of adopted Colin after their first meeting. After all, if he doesn't watch out for him, the little guy might get hurt.

It's easy to sum him up as a belligerent revenge-seeker, but remember the old adage, still waters run deep... deep waters, are cold.

Mac Stevens is voiced by Emry Kinney.

Colin O'Donnell

Colin is a short Irishman... who suffers from "Short-Irishman's-Syndrome".

He is combative and aggressive, but unlike others in the crew, Colin doesn't know when to quit. The first time Colin and Mac met they instantly bonded, but not before Colin tried to knock the larger man on his butt.

Arrogant, hot-tempered, and entirely too bold... If you're looking for a fight then step up, Colin will always oblige you. But don't worry, after it's been proven that he can kick your butt six ways to Sunday, the first round of beer's on him. Sure, he;s started more than his fair share of fights, but rarely with the same person twice.

Having grown up in the rich farmlands of the then-restored Ireland, Colin can barely stand to look at Earth as it is now... the air muddy, the waters sullied, the land ripped open and its bounty plundered. He never talks about it, but when all this is over, he wants to return to the land of his birth, and try to set right some of the damage that's been done.

Colin O'Donnell is voiced by Jim Perry.

Jordy Venture

Jordan Venture, "Jordy" to his friends, is the younger brother of the Argo's original navigator, Mark Venture. Since he was a young boy he had one goal, to join the Star Force and defend the Earth. His brother's death in the old Star Force's last battle fifteen years ago has not diminished that goal.

Jordy always had a fascination with starships, and is a natural engineer. He actually entered the Academy a year early on special recommendation by several former Star Force members.

At the academy, he showed remarkable ability to improvise. One of the few EDF fleet officers to survive the battle of Jupiter, Jordy was returned to Earth after his lifepod was captured by enemy forces. He was interred in a P.O.W. camp for several months before escaping and joining the resistance, where he again came to the attention of Derek Wildstar.

Wildstar assigned him to complete the Argo's reconstruction, which had been abandoned years earlier after he successful salvage. Jordy has been taking care of the Argo ever since.

Technically the Executive Officer of the new Star Force, Jordan Venture sees himself as the stern, but fair spokesman of this ragtag crew of boys. He has deep abiding affection, maybe even love, for Sam though. He's actually pretty flustered around her outside of work settings. He doesn't have the guts to ask her out though...

Jordan Venture is voiced by Dave Frizzell.


A genius-level (series nine) robot, IQ9 is responsible for much of the automated functions aboard the re-built Argo.

IQ is not merely an android, or limited-A.I. automaton. His programming has become so densely and richly detailed that somewhere along the line, he became self-aware. He is treated a full member of the crew, and feels it his duty to not only protect his organic shipmates, but to safeguard the legacy of the former crew members as well.

It was IQ9 who was responsible for maintaining the Argo after the rebuilding effort stalled in early 2208. He was joined in this task by Jordan Venture nearly five years later.

IQ9 is voiced by Jonathan Edward Dolnier.

Mei Gideon

Mei is the granddaughter of Argus Gideon, the man who commanded the EDF fleet in the invasion of `02. She lived with her mother and grandfather, but after his death she was often looked after by Captain Wildstar and Nova Forester, his fiancee.

Raised in a military family and surrounded by heroes for most of her life, it's no wonder that she entered the Space Fighter Training School at her earliest opportunity. She was top of her class from day one. Mei is driven to prove herself, she wanted to earn a place for herself in her extended family, not by affection, but by merit.

Mei leads by example. She will quickly come to the defense of any of her pilots or personnel, and they will crawl through fire for her.

After the conquest of Earth by the Comet Empire in 2212, she joined the Earth Homeguard, the domestic security force under Imperial jurisdiction. She used her position to help smuggle supplies to the Earth underground. When Captain Wildstar asked her aboard, Mei made plans to defect. However, her squadron found out about it and ... all of them went with her. Where she led, they would follow.

Of course, no one else aboard trusted them...

Mei Gideon is voiced by Silas Carder.

Phillippe De LaRoche

Mei's second and wingman. Philippe is also something of a prankster and comedian, he's taken the unofficial role of ship's morale officer upon himself. His motto is "everything is better with a smile."

He does have a serious side as well. He lost his parents two years prior to the invasion, leaving him strongly devoted to his younger sister, Sarah. If there hadn't been an aunt and uncle to take over raising the girl, Philippe would have dropped out of the Academy without a second thought.

Back in the academy, Philippe was the main rival of Mei Giddeon. The pair of them always competed to beat each other's grades, top the other's accomplishments. Somewhere along the line though, it all changed. By the time they graduated, Philippe and Mei were inseparable friends.

Unusually protective of Mei, Philippe followed her into the Homeguard after the invasion, and then on to serve aboard the Argo when she 'defected'. He wasn't about to let her do something so dangerous, or that much fun, alone.

As an Earthling in the Homeguard, he was used to being looked down on, but since following Mei to the Star Force, he's having to adjust the same hatred coming from his own people.

Philippe is voiced by Devin Cox.

Pops McClendon

A no-nonsense Missouri country doctor by preference, Ezekiel "Pops" McClendon is a former instructor of Xeno-Anthropology and Biology at the Academy. He once wrote "... battles will come and go, but war only ends with both sides finally and fully understand one another." One of his brightest students was Cadet Derek Wildstar.

He left the EDF entirely in 2204, and returned to private practice. Pops maintained personal ties with several EDF and Star Force members, including his best friend, Dr. Sado Sane, Derek Wildstar and Wendy Singleton. He sat the invasion out and refused to join the resistance at first, believing he did more good as a doctor out in the world than hiding in a bunker. However, when General Singleton contacted him about the Argo's launch, he signed on as Ship's Doctor.

Never one to take crap from anyone, Pops is always willing to speak his mind. It's cost him a few friendships over the years, but he's one of those people you always know where you stand with. He might be a bit blunt about it, but he's never mean-spirited. This has made him the unofficial shrink aboard. Pops is always ready to heal both physical and mental wounds. Whether through medicine, or copious amounts of whiskey, whichever works...

Pops McClendon is voiced by Devlin James.

Wendy Singleton

Wendy Singleton is the granddaughter of the legendary General Thaddeus Singleton, the man who first commanded the Earth Defense Force.

She first became involved in the EDF as a civilian aide to her grandfather. But before long, she on a few key governmental committees, including eventually chairing the organization that took over the role of the original EDF in 2209. When the empire invaded three years later, she found herself de facto head of the resistance.

Wendy is a realist. She knows what the resistance is doing is probably hopeless. At some level, she realizes that just pushing the occupying forces off Earth won't make it free. She continues on, however because it gives the people hope. It gives them something to point to and say "someday..."

While she relies on Colonel Derek Wildstar, her second-in-command, as a strong right arm, she does not need anyone to defend her. She's more than capable of turning a hard-bitten soldier into a gibbering wreck, either by words, the sort of glances usually reserved to drill sergeants, or by blindsiding them with a chair.

This inner strength is tempered by a genuine concern for her troops. She leads, not by intimidation or strength, by example. She knows that in war, people die. When those people are under her command, she feels it. Her troops would do anything for her, because they know she would do anything for them.

General Wendy Singleton is voiced by Melissa D. Johnson in the first season, and Sarah Moore in Invasion! and season two.

Spanning the entire Andromeda Galaxy and half of the Milky Way as well, the Comet Empire is a highly advanced civilization, bent on the conquest of the entire universe. Their motives are never explained to conquered peoples, but it seems clear that lust for power and thirst for resources have consumed whatever justification they originally had.

Major Berrit

Berrit is a career coward. His entire goal in life is to do as little work as possible, which is why heading a garrison on a conquered and demolished world like Earth is right up his alley. All he wants to do is slip quietly by, escape anything remotely resembling official notice. No sir, everything is just fine here, sir!

Of course, it's not just laziness that defines him, he's also greedy. It's almost expected that garrison commanders skim a bit off the top when shipments head off, but Berrit has raised it to an art form. He lies to superiors, he hides resources that he later diverts...he's even concealed resistance raids on Imperial facilities in order to keep the ever watchful eye of his superiors elsewhere.

Berrit one went so far as arranging for superiors to find evidence of peculation and waste in another command, to preserve his own private kingdom.

Under his watch, the local garrison has atrophied a bit. Despite being well-equipped, they tend to be more worried about internal politics and infighting than in policing the people of Earth.

Berrit may just be the best friend the Resistance could have had...

Major Berrit is voiced by Ducky Patterson.

Colonel Nazca

Nasca is the eldest son of a family with a long history of military service. His grandfather rose to the rank of Admiral, attaining the post of Supreme Military Commander. His father became one of Prince Zordar's most loyal generals, leaving his family behind when the Prince left to expand the Empire's borders.

Following in his father's footsteps, Nasca has risen to the post of Commander of the Empire's Orion Spiral Arm Fleet, the task force responsible for maintaining order in the sector of the Milky Way galaxy where Earth is located.

Nasca has suspected for some time that Major Berrit is not as diligent as he should be, but has so far been unable to prove it. He would like nothing better than to catch the foul little wastrel in something and press charges...right into a firing squad.

A devout and pious man, Colonel Nasca observes a somewhat archaic tradition in the Imperial military. As an officer of command-level rank, he maintains a close relationship with a spiritual adviser. Some of his superiors find this a bit off-putting, as the military has been trying to remove the Imperial Church's influence for decades. However, Nasca feels it is a vital part of his beliefs.

Colonel Nasca is voiced by Andre de Almeida.


Xavier has fallen on hard times. Once the spiritual adviser and teacher of Prince Zordar himself, Xavier is largely seen as responsible for Zordar's fall from grace.

His public perception means little to the man, however. Xavier views his new position in life as a test bestowed upon him by Gorham, the god of the Imperial Church. He has purged himself of distraction, devoting himself entirely to Gorham's way.

To dismiss him as a religious zealot is unfair, however. While he has made his faith the bedrock of his life, Xavier is far too intelligent a man to confuse religious truth with physical fact. When the two come into conflict, he considers the reasons for such and invariably finds the course through to clearer waters. Xavier is a man who believes at the very foundation of his soul. It is unshakable, and immobile. A rock upon which his life is built.

Once a rising star within the Church (he was only twenty years old when he became Zordar's teacher), Xavier is well-educated in many fields besides the spiritual, and it is in this role he has once again found a student. Xavier is the adviser and spiritual guide of Colonel Nasca, of the Orion Spiral Arm fleet.

The officer and the priest make a rare duo within the rarefied society of the military command level, but each finds the others counsel valuable beyond measure.

Xavier is voiced by Nathan P. Butler.

General Geran

General Wilhelm Geran is a soldier's soldier. Nearly a legend within the Military, he is a dynamic leader who commands through example, and through force of personality. Unlike most of the command staff, Geran was NOT a scion of the nobility. He was a common foot soldier, who clawed and scraped his way through the ranks.

Along the way, he gained no small collection of battle scars. It's joked among his men that the only thing that outnumbers his scars, are his victories. In the battle of the Fox Nebula, Geran's command ship was destroyed. His aide was injured making his way to the escape pods, and then Colonel Geran went back for him, saving his aide's life, and losing his right eye in the process.

Throughout the Empire, the men fight for the Emperor, and for the Homeland... except in Geran's command, they fight for him. His troops are personally loyal to him at a level that worries the command staff. So much so, that they were all sent to the frontlines in the Empire's war with Galman, hoping the charismatic General would finally meet his end.

Despite this however, Geran has no thoughts of personal advancement. He is a soldier of the Empire. He serves.

General Geran is voiced by Andre de Almeida.

Admiral Kahn

The highest ranking member of the Imperial Military, Supreme Commander Kahn is charged with overseeing control of the Andromeda Galaxy, and conveying the Emperor's vision to those who carry out Jahmorta's orders.

A noble of good family in his own right, Kahn is often seen something of a safety valve, should the Imperial line fail in its current or the next generation. A calm, steady hand on the tiler of two galaxies. Khan himself does not dispute this. While he is loyal to the Emperor, privately he cannot stand the sight of the Crown Prince. He will not attempt to undermine the efforts of Prince Darcal to eventually assume his father's authority, but nor will he aid him.

No, Kahn's political attention is drawn downward, not up. He fears the rise of the charismatic General Geran. He sees his subordinate as eyeing Kahn's own position of power, and that cannot be allowed.

Suave and composed, Admiral Kahn is long-used to navigating the corridors of power. His own father served in this post for many years, with distinction. Kahn's most fervent wish is to eventually hand the military's reins to his eldest child, currently serving as a spy on Geran's own flagship...

Admiral Kahn is voiced by Jonathan Edward Dolnier.


As head of the Imperial Church, the leader of a congregation of trillions, you'd expect Anshon to be a devoutly spiritual man.

You'd be mistaken.

Anshon is first and foremost, a political animal. He rose to lead a powerful sect of hardline conservative clerics during the time of the previous Archprelate, a kindly and more liberal-minded man named Dolman.

Dolman was concerned more for the spiritual well-being of the faithful, than the power of the church itself. This flew in the face of several of the man's predecessors, who worried about the increasing secularization of the Empire. Rumors even began to circulate that Dolman may be thinking of opening a dialog with other faiths, secreted within Imperial society. This was the final straw for Anshon and his cabal.

Acting in secret, Anshon personally poised Dolman, and when the conclave was summoned to select Dolman's replacement, Anshon was elevated by general acclaim.

Arguably the second most powerful man in the Empire, Anshon uses the authority of the Church as a club. He skillfully plays on the passions of the faithful, and even exerts a startlingly degree of control over the Emperor.

However, heretical beliefs that flourished under Dolman, have not been quieted under Anshon. Rumors of a heretical prophecy concerning Zordar, the Earthers and arcane figures believed mythical, have begun to surface with more regularity.

Anshon fears he is losing control of his power-base, and as such, he must act quickly and decisively to eradicate his enemies, such as the people of Earth...

Anshon is voiced by Devlin James.


Izri is the eldest surviving child of Jahmorta. Izri's mother died giving birth to her twin brother, and perhaps because of that, Emperor Jahmorta has doted on his daughter since she was a small child.

Though her gender bars her form having a place in governance of the Empire, her father has come to realize that she is very intelligent. He values her counsel greatly.

Izri is usually the voice of calm. She sees the path the Empire is on and cannot help but feel dread that they may be authoring their own destruction.

She has tried time and again to convince her father to pay more attention to the needs of his people, and less on military glory and revenge, only to see her efforts twisted and destroyed by the likes of Anshon, and worse, her twin brother, Darcal.

Do not mistake her reserve for weakness however. Izri is the Imperial Princess, and the strength of all those who have gone before her flows still in her veins. While her role in life may be symbolic only, her desire to effect change in her society is strong, and one day, the quiet woman, the strong, silent princess, may move the Universe.

Izri is voiced by Natalie Van Sistine.


Darcal is the youngest child, and only remaining male heir, of Emperor Jahmorta. Much like his twin sister, Izri, Darcal's early life was relegated to symbolic functions. His far elder brother, Zordar was heir to the throne, and Darcal himself was little more than an emergency replacement. The fact that his mother, the much beloved Empress Elora, died giving birth to him only made his father an even more distant figure in his life.

This meant that he was educated, raised and taken care of by servants who were unsure if they were grooming a future emperor, or attaching themselves to someone who may be assassinated to protect Zordar's claim.

Then, when he was barely more than a boy, Zordar was banished. Darcal was elevated to Crown Prince, and his education in statecraft began. But even then, it was clear that Darcal had not inherited his father and brother's gifts for leadership. He was a vain, impatient creature, who blamed all his shortcomings on other people.

His father, despairing of Zordar's eventual reclamation, attempted to mold Darcal in his brother's image, a fact that was not lost on the young man. Darcal was not his brother, and never could be. Things between father and son became easier in the shared tragedy of Zordar's death...but even then, Darcal's efforts to replace Zordar in Jahmorta's heart fell short.

Publicly, the Imperial family seems well and whole, but the reality is far, far different. A father who desperately misses his heir, and cannot see the younger son who tries so hard to replace him, and the daughter, who loves them all and despairs.

Prince Darcal is voiced by Eric Olp.


Jahmorta has been the solid bedrock of the Comet Empire for nearly a century. He is a very, VERY old man... and not just in age.

Fifteen years ago, Jahmorta's son, Zordar attempted to subjugate the planet Earth. Zordar would have succeeded, if a trusted ally (Desslok of Gamilon) had not betrayed him. The loss devastated Jahmorta. His hopes for the future of his people had been bound up in Zordar. The death of his son nearly destroyed him.

Obsessed with finding vengeance for his dead son, Jahmorta is fixated on not just conquering Earth, but upon punishing Earth's people, even if his own worlds burn as a result.

Jahmorta, speaks with a tone of absolute authority, despite his aged and weathered voice. He is the center of the empire, the pinnacle of his civilization, and his orders are to be obeyed. He's not so much evil as he is militant, and very, VERY angry.

His one remaining spot of warmth, are his remaining children, the twins Izri and Darcal, though friction between them is wearing on the old man's heart.

What the future holds for the ruler of the Andromeda Galaxy, is unclear...

Emperor Jahmorta, is voiced by Jim Perry.

The Comet Empire has many enemies. Some have agreed to help free the Earth from Imperial rule. Some are legends of the intergalactic ether. Still others, are more mysterious yet...


Desslok has a long, eventful history with the people of Earth. He has been would-be conqueror, determined enemy, wary ally, and trusted friend.

Comping to power on the dying world, of Gamilon, Desslok led his people in a war with Earth that nearly obliterated BOTH worlds. As it was, Gamilon was eventually destroyed, and Desslok's forces allied themselves with the Comet Empire invasion, led by Prince Zordar. Desslok and Zordar became friends, but Desslok was betrayed and secretly imprisoned by Zordar's daughter, Invidia.

This led Desslok to withdraw the Gamilon fleet from the alliance. A fact that many in the Empire, including Emperor Jahmorta, view as betrayal.

Desslok lead the shattered remains of his people into the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, in search of a new home.

There, they discovered the world of Gallman, and soon discovered it to be their ancestral homeworld. After freeing the world from another galactic power, the Bolar Federation, Desslok was elevated to the throne of Gallman, and thus was born the Gallman Empire.

The Gallmans are very like their wandering cousins, the Gamilons. Militant, quick to anger and filled with lust for glory. Desslok tries to restrain their war-like tendencies, but he fiercely defends his new found homeland. Any threat to his people, is dealt with swiftly and decisively.

Charismatic beyond words, Desslok is one of those figures who wears destiny like a cloak. Men follow him for no better reason that he is fate incarnate. Where Desslok goes, history follows.

Desslok is voiced by Devin Cox in Season 1, and R. Douglass Barbieri in Season 2.


Pirate, rebel, legend, man.... Harlock is many things. Most people regard him as a myth, a fiction dreamed up to give hope to a conquered people... But Harlock is very real indeed.

Once captain in the Earth Defense Forces- Harlock's ship, the Deathshadow, was one of the few survivors of the battle at Jupiter. He made his way back to earth, and attempted to evacuate civilians from the planet, when he was intercepted in Martian orbit and forced to return to Earth.

From there, the stories differ. Most agree that he and a small crew of rebels stole a top secret prototype battleship, the Arcadia, and escaped the planet once and for all.

Adrift, amongst a Sea of Stars, Harlock raided Imperial shipping, and helped resist the Empire wherever he could. Eventually, he and his crew joined a mercenary fleet hired by Emperor Desslok of Gallman to defend his home system from Imperial attack.

Harlock is voiced by Ducky Pattersonin season one, and Dylan Spencer in season two.


Many debate the existence of Trelena, the Sage of Telezart.

She was a real person at one time, indeed she was a major influence on Earth's successful defeat of Prince Zordar fifteen years ago. She provided badly needed intelligence and technical data on Zordar's Comet Fortress and the battle strength of his invasion.

From there, however, the waters get very muddy. Some say that she was from a highly advanced species, who could convert matter, even their own bodies, into pure energy. Others claim she was a highly evolved human who stumbled on a great secret. It is also said that she is literally, a goddess... a bearer of cosmic truths.

Whatever the truth is, Trelena sacrificed her life, and her homeworld of Telezart, to stop Zordar's advance. The Earth owes Trelena a debt it can never possibly repay.

Trelena is voiced by Peg DiGrazia

"Odyssey" Characters


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Most of the series takes place aboard the space battleship Argo. The ship had been retired for several decades before being pressed into service for what was supposed to be a siple diplomatic mission, but fate it seems, had other plans.

Cade Morgan

All the Morgan Men are at the top. Cade's grandfather was at the forefornt of rebuilding Earth after the Comet Empire occupation. His father was a noted scientist with a whole living room full of awards, his brother is a whiz at logistics and secured a post in the Solar Federation office of Economic Planning and Colonization, planning and supplying new colonies. Cade himself was a brilliant student. He completed required schooling three years early and earned admission to the Federation Naval Academy. Unfortunately, he literally had to spend three years waiting to be old enough. Cade spent those three years learning anything he could get his hands on. Starship operations, schematics, trade routes, astrogation... but his great talent, was for combat tactics. He devoured tactical simulations or wargame materials. Soon, he was good. Six months later, he was great. By the time he was a first-year cadet, he was unbeatable.

A lead-pipe cinch for the command track, Cade was recruited by an upperclassman team with an upcoming wargame competition they absolutely had to win. This was where Cade first met Steven Jacobs. The two became fast friends, equals despite Steven being two years older and technically young Cade's superior. Always very young for his age, Steven became a second big brother to Cade, and provided some much needed grounding.

Then, in his junior year, Cade's parents were killed in a shuttle accident. It was a terrible blow to the young man. His grades suffered, and he almost flunked out. It was only because of an intervention by Cade's brother, Edward, that he was able to rally and stay in the academy. Cade and Edward were always close, but after that, they became nigh inseparable. Cade went home every chance he got, and Edward saw to it that when he finally graduated, he wound up assigned to the Argo mission, as Tactical Officer. A mission Edward was also on, as part of the diplomatic team.

During the mission, Cade grew to be close friends with Thea Holtz, although their relationship began on the decidedly wrong foot.

At first, his post (and the resultant promotion to First Lieutenant) felt very overwhelming to Cade, but he grew into them quickly. He's regained the confidence he had in his younger days, and has become a much better person for his long and bumpy road.

Just don't call him by his full name, Cadfael. He hates it with a passion.

Cade Morgan is voiced by James Balog.

Steven Jacobs

Steven (never Steve. Don't chop his name in half) is the friend we all wish we had. Confident and sure of himself, Steven has a natural way with people.

He met Cade Morgan, his friend and current roommate, back at the academy, when Steven convinced the younger man to help his team win a wargame competition. The two went on to become fast friends and Steven became something of an adopted big brother figure. And like brothers, Cade and Steven constantly try to get each other's goat. Their easy camaraderie and senses of humor are an endless source of entertainment for most of the bridge crew.

There are two things Steven considers imperative to life: buckets of can-do attitude, and the ability to think very quickly and talk even faster. He has both in abundance.

Steven also possesses a great deal of talent for geometric and trigonometric calculations, so much so that it's almost all internal for him. In his capable hands, that old hulk of a battleship is as light as a feather, and he can dance her through any tight spot, you bet.

Just watch.

Steven Jacobs is voiced by Hamer (The Hamertn).

Thea Holts

Thea is scary-smart. The top of her class at the Naval Academy, she was literally allowed to skip the final year and given the rank of Ensign for the Argo mission.

This sort of thing isn't new to her. She's been jumping the line on pure ability her entire life. Her mother died when she was very young. Despite not really remembering her directly, it's an intensely personal loss for her. Her father was always traveling on Federation business (he's a high ranking diplomat but she won't elaborate), so young Thea was left in a big house by the sea, to be raised by a succession of strict governesses.

Taken in concert with her academic brilliance, it explains why Thea has a staggering high intelligence level, but her emotional range is very stunted. She often appears cool and aloof to others, leading to interpersonal friction. Thea is intellectually brilliant, but in many ways, she's still a frightened, lonely little girl.

Thea Holts is voiced by Alex Tran.

Reginald Montgomery, III

A very by-the-book, no-nonsense man, Reginald Montgomery comes from a long line of naval tradition. His great-grandfather, straight through to his four brothers and sister all serve or have served in the Solar Federation Navy. If it is not in the manual, or the regulations, it does not exist. That's Reginald Montgomery's view of the universe.

Montgomery can be a very strict person, which probably explains his lack of friends or personal attachments. He very rarely relaxes in public, but when he does the transformation is remarkable. He's friendly, warm...he even laughs. On occasion.

A very fine officer, his record is spotless, and full of glowing recommendations. However, the Argo mission is his first posting as an Executive Officer. Maybe his style of command is the reason, but perhaps it's something hidden between the lines...

Reginald Montgomery is voiced by Cour.

Madeline Venture

Madeline, 'Maddie' to her family and close friends, is the daughter of heroes: her parents served aboard the Argo during the end of the Comet Empire occupation, and her uncle was the ship's original helmsman. She has very big shoes to fill.

A career navy officer, she's worked, sweat, and bled for a command of her own. Unfortunately, while her record is full of glowing reports and recommendations, it's also littered with incidents where she found herself in a serious disagreement with her fellow officers. This is because while she has a gift for motivation, and leadership, she also has the jaw of a pit-bull when she thinks she's right.

This almost resulted in her leaving the Navy after her previous assignment. While her actions prevented a disaster that would have cost dozens of trade ships, she broke the chain of command, and her commanding officer pressed charges. Madeline was cleared, but the incident all but ended her chances of promotion.

Until the Argo mission to Gallman needed a captain. This mission is her last chance, and she's not going to waste it.

Madeline was married to Jack Watts, back when he was a Cosmo Marine. They fell in love right out of the academy, when they were both assigned to the Solar Federation shipyard at Port Arcadia on Mars. But then the Second Inner planet War began. When it was over, Jack was a broken man and was honorably discharged from the service. They tried to make things work for two years, they even had a son, Mark. But it just wasn't in the cards. Jack and Maddie are still close friends, but Mark rarely even talks to his mother.

Aboard ship, Captain Venture is known for her fierce loyalty to her crew, and always thinking outside the box. Madeline Venture is the fearsome Mother Bear, and you are between her and her cubs. Pity for you.

Madeline Venture is voiced by Jessica Osborne.

Addison 'Addie' Beaumont

Friendly, driven and outgoing, Addie is everyone's big sister.

An artist by inclination and training, Addie spends much of her free time chatting with friends while sketching on Paddy. Paddy is an old computer tablet her father bought for her when she was a little girl. How Paddy continues to function is a mystery. He's always breaking down. But like a phoenix of old, Addie always manages to get him working again for one more drawing. Most of the bridge crew and beyond have one of Addie's drawings hanging in their quarters.

Addie is one of those people who makes friends like most folks breathe, instinctively and often. When she first encounters her new roommate, the incredibly shy Thea Holtz, Addie immediately adopts her and tries to draw her out of her shell.

Addie never has a bad word for anyone, and she wont abide people talking about her friends behind their back.

Addie Beaumont is voiced by Shannon Hobby.

Melvin Timms

Timms lives for the big boom.

Most officers need a computer to handle the complex trigonometric equations needed to fire a battleship's guns. Timms (nobody ever calls him by first name) just needs a target. It's not that he DOESN'T know how to use the targeting computer, he's just usually a lot faster.

If there's a second focus in Timms life, it's mathematics in general. He loves the theoretical exploration of virtual mathematical constructs. He firmly believes that the entire universe can be divided into mathematical factors and biological factors (which are just pretending to be something other than more math).

Since his duty station is directly adjacent to the much more spiritual Ensign Pulsar's, quite a few interesting philosophical discussions have begun on the bridge during quiet times… and a few threats of punched noses. Who knew philosophy was so dangerous?

Melvin Timms is voiced by Josh Lambright.


Pulsar grew up in a Starfarer clan. Starfarers believe in the Holy Sentience of the Universe. They are people with no home world, they travel from place to place, usually working as cargo haulers or finding jobs here and there. They live for the great emptiness of space. Pulsar is a perfect example. He HATES being on a planet, he feels sucked down and trapped by natural gravity. A genuine space-cadet, Pulsar is in tune with the universal vibe of the great electron... ohm....

As a result of his unusual upbringing, Pulsar can rub people the wrong way. People like the Gunnery officer, Melvin Timms, who keeps threatening to punch him in the nose. Pulsar merely laughs this off, welcoming the lessons the Universal Whole has in store for him.

Despite his spiritual nature, Pulsar is all business when it's time to work. The change in his personality is downright alarming.

Pulsar is voiced by James Cleveland.

David Erickson

The old man on the bridge, David has been serving on Earth starships since he was lad of seventeen. A serving officer from the EARLY days of the Solar Federation fleet, he has been just about everywhere and done just about everything over the years. Experiences he's all too happy to share, just ask.

David has a very relaxed style of command. He builds up the officers and crew under him, and takes great pride in seeing them flourish. Since he never married or had children of his own, you could consider the entire engineering crew is surrogate kids.

David Erickson is voiced by Ste Holland.

Kinu 'Silk' Ogawa

A second-generation Martian, she's takes zero crap regarding her heritage. She's Mars, Red, and Proud by the stars. If you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself or see the Doc about those missing teeth.

Kinu is tough on her subordinates because her greatest fear is losing them. Losing her first pilot nearly destroyed her. She turned suicidal until Tommy intervened and made her rededicate herself to protecting her squadron, for their dead comrade's sake.

Kinu is the roommate of Susan Haruna, the two are fast friends.

Kinu Ogawa is voiced by Taylor Carlson.

Tommy 'Tomtom' Harrison

A seeming slacker and joker. Tommy is actually as solid as they come. He and Kinu have been through six kinds of hell together, and they are an inseparable team.

If Tommy has a failing it's he wears his heart on his sleeve. He falls hard for Susan Haruna the moment he meets her.

Tommy Harrison is voiced by Alex Elespuru.

Susan Haruna

Susan Haruna was born to serve on the Argo. As a child, she researched the ship thoroughly. She knows everything about it (and the ship's former crews), inside and out. In school, she wrote several academic papers about the Argo and its idiosyncratic technology.

She'd have made it through the Naval Academy if not for two glaring problems: first, she is powerfully shy, Susan tends to disappear into the background of any group of people; second, she has a strong fear of being extra-vehicular, she has epic panic attacks in zero gravity which are only exacerbated by being in a spacesuit. As a result, she washed out of the academy and is serving a hitch as a crewman. The Argo is her third assignment.

Susan is the roommate of the very outgoing Kinu Ogawa, and Kinu makes it her mission to help Susan out of her shell.

Susan Haruna is voiced by Karli Walker.

A long standing officer, nearing retirement. This is probably his last mission off-world. Dr. Gregorov is a brilliant doctor, but he has the bedside manner of a weed-whacker. He tends to prescribe a lot of aspirin, followed by a lot of vodka.

What is it with the Argo and drunken doctors?? He even has a cat named Mika for pity's sake!

Vladimir Gregorov is voiced by Finn M-K.

Carlos is a walking spreadsheet. He knows everything about every component, nut and bolt on the ship. How many spares are in stores; even who is probably closest to the proper bin. He runs scenarios constantly and always pushes himself and his subordinates to make sure the engineers and the deck crew have EVERYTHING they need before they know they need it.

Captains fight over Carlos. He raises the efficiency of a ship by double digits just by being there, the reason the Argo got him, is he lost a bet with Susan Haruna (whom he met on his previous post and became good friends with) and had to come with her.

Carlos Jimenez is voiced by Misscellanio.

Located deep in the core of the Milky Way galaxy, the Gallman Empire is a militant ad agressive nation. Expansding in all directions, the only thing that has prevented them form turning their eyes towrds the Solar Federation and Earth, is the goodwill of their Emperor, Desslok.

Emperor Desslok

Desslok has a long, eventful history with the people of Earth. He has been would-be conqueror, determined enemy, wary ally, and trusted friend.

Comping to power on the dying world, of Gamilon, Desslok led his people in a war with Earth that nearly obliterated BOTH worlds. As it was, Gamilon was eventually destroyed, and Desslok's forces allied themselves with the Comet Empire invasion, led by Prince Zordar. Desslok and Zordar became friends, but Desslok was betrayed and secretly imprisoned by Zordar's daughter, Invidia.

This led Desslok to withdraw the Gamilon fleet from the alliance. A fact that many in the Empire, including Emperor Jahmorta, view as betrayal.

Desslok lead the shattered remains of his people into the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, in search of a new home.

There, they discovered the world of Gallman, and soon discovered it to be their ancestral homeworld. After freeing the world from another galactic power, the Bolar Federation, Desslok was elevated to the throne of Gallman, and thus was born the Gallman Empire.

The Gallmans are very like their wandering cousins, the Gamilons. Militant, quick to anger and filled with lust for glory. Desslok tries to restrain their war-like tendencies, but he fiercely defends his new found homeland. Any threat to his people, is dealt with swiftly and decisively.

Charismatic beyond words, Desslok is one of those figures who wears destiny like a cloak. Men follow him for no better reason that he is fate incarnate. Where Desslok goes, history follows.

Desslok is voiced by Andrew Wilson.

Fleet Admiral Kine

Fleet Admiral Kine is the supreme commander of the Gallman military. His power in the Empire is second only to that of the Emperor, and Kine has eyes on a promotion.

Fiercely loyal to his homeland, Kine is convinced that the native Gallman is the superior being of the universe, and that the ruling class of the Empire has been infiltrated by lowly, mongrel Gamilons. He will tend to that, soon.

Cold, calculating and smooth, Admiral Kine is the apex predator of the Galaxy, and you turn your back on him at your peril.

Fleet Admiral Kine is voiced by Josh Lambright.


Jenner's is a name to conjure with. It is the name that parents of disobedient children use to terrify them into submission. It is a name spoken in hushed whispers but the fearful masses.

As head of the Political Office, Jenner is responsible for the smooth running of the day-to-day governmental functions of the Empire, at least on paper. In truth, he is the head of the secret police. People who disagree with Minister Jenner don't long survive their mistake.

Jenner is voiced by Thomas Drake.


Minya is the Imperial Exchequer. He holds the purse strings, maintains the flow of funds and resources that keeps the Empire afloat… and his fingers are in every pie.

Possibly one of the richest beings in the galaxy, Minya seeks only to preserve that wealth and the power it brings. He sees the passing of Emperor Desslok as bad for business, as Desslok's successor may realize just how much Minya is skimming off the top.

Despite being a tremendous physical coward, Minya is a vicious little man in a big job. He will lash out at the slightest provocation, but only if he calculates he can do so with no physical danger from himself. After all, you must look out for number one.

Minya is voiced by Ste Holland.

Admiral Boti Rukali

Admiral Boti Rukali is a man of action.

A commoner by birth, he rose quickly through the ranks of the Gallman military due to three factors: his innate grasp of military tactics, his inspiring style of command, and the fact that Comet Empire invaded.

Rukali, as still a young Captain, soon found himself in effective command of over a dozen key sectors along the southern flank of Gallman space. All he had were some militia pilots and a few dozen mercenary warships. But he held the flank until at long last he was properly reinforced.

This great success has been both blessing and curse for Boti Rukali. His superiors see him as a threat to their positions, particularly Fleet Admiral Kine. So Rukali is kept as far from the seats of power as they can send him. Commander of the Gallman Empire's Forward Rim Area, Rukali's forces are the closest to the border with the Solar Federation, an area of space considered the hinterlands of the Empire.

Boti personally finds this amusing. He serves the People, the Empire, the Emperor, and then his superiors, in that order. He goes where he is ordered, and he does the job he is assigned. He forgoes the pomp and circumstance, preferring a life and career of simple service.

Admiral Boti Rukali is voiced by Misscellanio.

Deela Rukali

Deela Rukali is the daughter of Admiral Boti Rukali, but her fame does not derive from her blood relations. Deela is known throughout the Empire as the Sapphire Angel, the preeminent fighter ace of the entire Gallman military.

Deela has turned down promotion time and again, so that she can keep flying. She has never met her equal, and she revels in her unmatched skill.

Much like her father, Deela disdains the finer life at court for the role of a flight officer. However, unlike her father, Deela understands that the machinations of Admirals and politicians surround them, and that mere loyalty to the throne is not enough to avoid becoming a pawn to the power brokers.

Deela Rukali is voiced by Rebecca Thomas.

Masterson, Majordomo to Emperor Desslok, is perhaps the second most powerful man in the Empire, and slo one of the most respected.

Masterson has taken up the reins of statecraft in his Imperial Masters absence. He is the center of the court, and like Emperor Desslok, he does not tolerate sycophants. He knows full well that smiles conceal knives, and he is too careful to permit either.

Passionately loyal to Desslok, Masterson has followed his Emperor for the fall of Gamilon, through the long history of struggle within the Gallman Empire… and is possibly the only man at court who will truly morn the Emperor when he eventually passes from this life.

Masteron is voiced by Michael Charles.

General Faust knows his place, and his role in life.

Faust is the the enforcer, and favorite tool of Admiral Kine. Faust is the commander of Kine's personal strike wing, and his reputation for ruthless is well earned.

He loves his job. Faust wants nothing more from life than the joy of battle, and to watch his enemies flee before him, as he shoots them in the back. Faust believes most strongly in the aesthetic beauty of war and destruction, and he always craves another expression of the art of battle.

General Faust is voices by Thomas Drake

A race of beings from another, much older universe. The Valbarden's home is near its demise, and the Solar Federation is hastening the end with its use of dimensional-warping wave motion technology. The Valbarden have come to our universe with their incredibly advanced technology to end the threat we pose.

Baharuk Gau

Baharuk Gau is one of the most respected members of the Valbarden race.

While they do not have a leadership structure as many governments would define it, there is a well defined hierarchy of tasks, and Baharuk Gau is the person responsible for the highest level of decision making with regard to the Valbarden’s dealings with the Gallman Empire and the Solar Federation.

A lifelong scientist, Barharuk Gau lives in a world of logic and rules. Illogical behavior confounds him, but it also intrigues him. He views humanity as a great puzzle to be understood, and has developed a surprisingly rewarding friendship with Edward Morgan.

Personally, Baharuk is actually a rather sad individual. His wife faded into non-existence millennia ago, and his daughter parted from his company in anger three centuries back. The conditional immortality of the Valbarden is a curse when it must be spent alone.

Baharuk Gau is voiced by Leo Griffiths.

Zanza Gaara

Zanza Gaara’s greatest skill is assessment. He sees a wider picture, and considers all factors before making a decision. He is driven, and calculating.

The oldest friend of Baharuk Gau, head of the occupation. In his role as overseeing General of the military arm of the occupation, he will do everything he can to support Lord Baharuk.

Gaara sees the threat of Wave Motion technology as far outweighing any anthropological value in preserving the species here. Indeed, he feels the logical solution is to bring the entire Valbarden race across to our uch younger and more stable universe. That said, his is nt the prevailing idea, and he will not against against the decision of his people, unless the situation forces him to do so.

Zanza Gaara is voiced by Kyle Akers.

Nara Vunken is the greatest strategist of the Valbarden.

A master of tactical thought and military theory, Vunken has made a lifelong study of the art of War. Indeed, when the expedition to our universe was first proposed Vunken was thought to be the natural choice to command it. However, as the plan evolved, the military option became less likely, and as such she found herself serving directly under Zanza Gaara, as field commander.

She prides herself on understanding the mind of her enemies. She is so skilled at deducing future actions and stratagems, that when engaged in any form of confrontation — from fleet battles to chess — she allows herself no more than sand in her hourglass to defeat her foe.

Nara Vunken is voiced by Gina Scott.

The Valbarden occupation of Earth makes heroes of common people, and puts them in an impossible situation

Ambassador Benedict Sheridan

Ben Sheridan is a pragmatic soul with his feet planted firmly on the ground. After a brilliant career in the Cosmo Marines, he switched to the civilian sector, and took a post in the Solar Federation Government.

Sheridan is a passionate student of history. He feels that repeating previous mistakes is the ultimate failure. His two great heroes are Abraham Lincoln, and Admiral Boti Rukali of Gallman.

Surprisingly plain spoken for a professional diplomat, Sheridan is an unlikely choice as Earth's ambassador to Gallman. Or maybe not. If politicians were honest, wouldn't the galaxy be better off?

Benedict Sheridan is voiced by Jeff Asbury.

Senator Peter Lane

Senator Peter Lane is the face of the Foundationalist Party on Earth.

In his early days, Lane served in the Solar Federation as a Space Marine, specifically as a medical corpsman. After serving two tours, he enrolled in a prestigious medical college and graduated with a doctorate in psychology.

After several years of private practice, Lane entered the field of politics as a Foundationalist. Foundationalists believe in the core principles, the foundation, of the Solar Federation: personal freedom, personal responsibility. It’s a pretty idea, but the fact is that Lane says one thing, and always does another. He is out for himself, first, foremost, and always.

Senator Lane is voiced by Matt Seago.

Edward Morgan

Much like his younger brother, Cade, Edward Morgan was an exceptional student. Unlike Cade, Edward was drawn to fields like mathematics and logistics. Perhaps then, its only natural that he gravitate to a career as an economist. “Economics,” he's fond of saying “is a vacuum science. It operates in a theoretical space where factors like greed and avarice don't exist. When it fails, it's because human will failed it.”

A gifted rhetorician, Edward loves not to argue, but to convince. He analyzes possible outcomes, discerns true motivations and before you know it, you've agreed with whatever he's proposing. Thankfully, he's not at all self-centered. He believes deals should work both ways, that improving the situation for all involved is better than keeping the lion's share of the profit for himself.

Edward Morgan is voiced by Finn M-K.

Jack Watts

Jack Watts is a man trying to make peace with his past.

A decorated war hero, Jack is a legend in the Space Marine Corps. where he helped win the Second Inner Planet War. The truth is really quite a bit different. He doesn’t talk about it, but the events of that war brought an end to his marriage to Madeleine Venture, and led to him living a simple life in a small town high in the mountains of the Neo American continent. He lives alone with his son, Mark.

Jack Watts is voiced by Ste Holland.

Mark Watts

Mark Watts is the son of Jack Watts and Madeline Venture. His folks divorced when he was a baby, and given his mother’s active duty service in the Solar Federation Navy, he was raised by his father. Despite Jack’s best efforts, Mark is not close with his mother. In fact, in the last few years he’s tended to react negatively whenever her name’s mentioned.

Mark is a very intelligent young man. He just graduated from university with a degree in Xenolinguistics. Not quite ready to enter the workforce in earnest, Mark came home to clear his head and figure out his next step. In the meantime, he’s combining his two passions, alien languages and computers to create a next-generation auto-translation system.

Mark Watts is voiced by Thomas Drake.

Liz Bishop

Liz Bishop is an active duty Marine who left her post when she discovered that her sisters, Mary and Cindy, were on an arrest list. Liz arrived just a bit too late, and had to spring them from police custody. Which was when she discovered why they were seized. They were to serve as leverage against Mary’s fiance, Tyler Simmons- a fighter pilot from the Argo captured at the Battle of Alpha.

Stashing Mary Cindy at a camp in the mountains, Liz immediately set out to rescue Tyler, and ran headlong into the legendary Jack Watts.

Liz Bishop is voiced by Holly Linden.

Mary Bishop

The eldest Bishop sister, Mary’s a nurturer by nature.

She ran a veterinary office until the Valbarden invaded, and their enforcers kicked her door down. Fortunately, a minute later they were followed by Mary’s sister, Liz. The thugs never stood a chance.

Mary is a kind and gentle woman, unless you threaten someone she cares about. Do that, and you’ll find out why ‘Hurricane Lizzy’ isn’t the scariest of the sisters. Even her fiance, Tyler Simmons, will tell you: don't underestimate Mary. She goes from sweetheart to angry mother bear in less than a second.

Mary Bishop is voiced by Ashley Lynn.

Cindy Bishop

Cindy Bishop is a sweet, innocent little terror.

At fifteen years old, Cindy lives her life in computers as much as possible, and in the digital world she reigns supreme. There isn’t a network she can’t access or a secret she cant uncover. Of course, that means if she cant find somewhere to plug her computer in, she gers bored easily, and she can get a bit waspish.

Cindy Bishop is voiced by Katie Otten.

Tyler Simmons

Tyler Simmons is a fighter pilot, latest in a long line of pilots.

He’s also a big lug of a guy who will admit to not being the sharpest knife in the drawer. In his younger days, Tyler was an absolute jerk. Raised on his father's tales of serving int he EDF fleet during the Comet Empire Invasion, Tyler developed stong feelings about alien cultures that verged on xenophobia. This eventually evolved into intense distrust of anyone not from Earth itself.

A posting aboard the Solar Federation carrier Olympus brought him into the orbit of Kinuko “Silk” Ogawa, and the two butted heads repeatedly. Eventually, Tyler came to realize how wrong he’d been about Martians and other cultures in general, but it was a long and painful period of growth. He’s ashamed of how he acted back then, and tries to move forward judging people based on their actions, not their background.

He’s still occasionally an ass, but he’s a lot less of a monster now.

That’s also probably due to the lady in his life. Tyler has had a massive crush on Mary Bishop since the two were children together. Much to his surprise, she felt the same way, and the two were engaged a few months ago, just before Tyler shipped out for an assignment aboard the Argo.

Tyler Simmons is voiced by Devlin James.

Admiral Neville Drake saved the world, maybe even the universe.

As Helmsman of the Argo during the Comet Empire invasion, he piloted the ship to victory over impossible odds, and helped bring about peace between the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Milky Way. And that was in his mid-twenties.

His military record since has been sterling, but a lot more dull. You don’t topple an intergalactic regime every day.

After a long career in the field, commanding starships and helping keep the peace, Drake was promoted to Admiral and moved behind a desk. In chare of personnel assignments for the entier Solar Federation Navy, Neville Drake is nearing the end of his road, but it’s been one hell of a trip.

Admiral Neville Drake is voiced by Math Silby.

Forward Momentum Productions are...

One With The Force!


Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...


It is thirty years after the JEDI CIVIL WAR. Millennia before the name Skywalker echoed across the galaxy, a time of legend and myth.

Banished to the outskirts of civilization, the Sith fight among themselves for past glory. Dozens of warlords vie for the title of Dark Lord, as the threat of the Sith grows dim.


The Jedi Order, reduced by struggles against the Sith, have fallen out of favor. Even their supporters think the Jedi have outlived their relevancy, and should fade into history.


The people of the Republic have embraced this newfound peace, and think that the dark times are behind them. But the danger remains. Even now, the flagship of the Sith Lord KIRENNAN VENAAR arrives above the remote Republic world of Derra IV, to deliver the first stroke of a bold plan...


Running a total of seven episodes, Forward Momentum Productions is proud to present our first audio drama, Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts. The show's initial release ran from 2008 to 2009.

Sarah Moore, Jim Perry, Hazen Nester, Catherine Rinella, Nathan P. Butler, Andrew Gilbertson, Melissa D. Johnson, Joe Harrison, Silas Carder, and many others.

Based on characters and situations created by George Lucas Bioware Games and Dark Horse Comics, and the original Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts fiction by Devin Cox and Jennifer Wilson

Written and Directed by:
Devin Cox

Episode One: Wing and Smoke

Episode Two: Convergence

Episode Three: Done Deals

Episode Four: Cause and Effect

Episode Five: Dark Truths

Episode Six: The Line Against Darkness

Episode Seven: Crescendo

Primary Characters

Kara Tao Vanden

A young girl from the remote village of Highrock on the planet Derra IV. Kara is a Force-adept who was hidden from the Jedi by her remote upbringing. The Force is strong in her family, but they do not recognize it for what it is. They refer to it instead as the Music, and relate to it as a song that is sung by the existence of life itself.

Kara is the only daughter of Sten and Mairi. They lived high in a mountain valley on a small farm that provided just enough food for the three of them. Her days were spent working in the fields, taking lessons from her mother and father in various disciplines and tending her flock of gliderwings, large winged creatures that live in the mountains.

Renn Falani

The security-expert half of the Wanderer's crew, Renn is a opinionated cynic with a dim view of the motives of everyone around him. He's unabashedly mean, occasionally heartless, and inordinately proud of his own accomplishments. His chief loyalty is to his partner, Liana, who saved his life after a job gone bad five years ago. They've been business partners ever since, though the true friendship came a bit later. He trusts Liana's decisions as Captain; it's obvious that she is in charge, and he doesn't want to be, despite occasional objections to the contrary.

Renn is primarily the businessman aboard the ship, as Liana doesn't care what cargo they take on so long as it gets them some money and a destination. He talks big, but he can (usually) back it up. He is a tech-head and an expert slicer; a computer system or lock hasn't been made that he can't find his way into somehow, and he has contacts (and favors owed him) scattered across the galaxy. He's a decent shot with a blaster, but Liana doesn't trust him to fly the ship anymore after the incident when they first met.

At first, he doesn't seem to like their newfound passengers, and finds a way to vocalize his displeasure on a regular basis. In fact, he enjoys baiting Kara and Aeron, especially Aeron, to the point where Liana will often step in and tell him to back off.

Aeron Rhade

Aeron is a scholar of the Force. He was trained at a satellite academy by Masters who looked to Jedi lore as the sole source of Force wisdom, and Aeron took this philosophy to heart. As a result, he has difficulty understanding the Force as a living thing; he sees it in terms of strict Jedi philosophy only. An academic at heart, Aeron is more comfortable with studies and archives than he is with a lightsaber.

This black and white viewpoint causes him no end of trouble in the real world. He can be stubborn and unbending, but he is not blind. He will admit when he is wrong and he has a razor-keen mind, but Aeron is more monk than warrior. His sense of moral outrage can at times get in the way of common sense and has even led him into trouble on a few occasions.

Aeron has trouble with the public standing of the Jedi in these troubled times. He is not a proud man, but he doesn't understand why the common man of the galaxy does not openly respect the Jedi for their service. He tends to think that reality should follow what he has been taught, and is slow to adapt to the realities he now faces.

Indeed, Aeron never would have left the archives had it not been for a troubling incident.

Aeron was in meditation when a vision burst upon him. A shockingly handsome man and a beautiful young girl were locked in lightsaber combat. The girl's skill was amazing, fighting with one blade that became two. Then the scene was sundered by the roar of a fearsome beast and the galaxy itself burning.

He discussed this vision with his Master, and then with the academy council. They agreed that the Jedi could only have been Selene Bladedancer, who disappeared after following Revan to the Mandalorian Wars. However, when he described her appearance, one Master disagreed, saying that it could not be her. They directed Aeron as his final trial to find this girl and unravel the meaning of his vision.


Liana is a Trianii, one of a race of insular, matriarchal feline humanoids with a homeworld and colonies on the outer rim. Her people keep themselves apart from the Republic, although they do have trade agreements with various Republic worlds. Liana stands about 2 meters tall and is covered in golden fur that is lightly dotted with small white spots along her back and shoulders.

Her hands have three digits and a thumb, all bearing vestigial claws. She also has a prehensile tail.

Like many of her species, Liana is an explorer. She left her home planet several years ago for reasons she will not discuss with anyone, not even her partner, Renn. She has never attempted or suggested they return to the colony world where she was born, nor does she mention her family.

She stumbled into the smuggling business six years ago, thanks to Renn and his myriad of contacts. Prior to that, she had simply been content with taking on cargo, usually for insanely cheap prices, just to see new worlds. It was Renn who started netting them a profit.

Although she is mostly a peaceful person, she can be fierce when something she considers "hers" is threatened, and is perfectly willing to come in with guns blazing if Renn or someone else she cares for is in trouble. Balancing that is the fact that she is a spiritual person as well. Though she does not call it "The Force", she believes in a goddess of life whose traits are vaguely reminiscent of the Jedi's great source of power. In fact, she sees Jedi as another branch or worshippers and treats them with some respect because of it.


A bipedal droid, B4 is the translator/counterpart to the highly irascible T5-E4. He was sold to his current mistress, Liana, along with his counterpart when she bought her ship, the Wanderer.

B4 is shorter than most droids of his type. He is also more flexible and his arms are rather somewhat longer than human norm. This allows him great access to the nooks and crannies of the ship, where he can better keep an eye on his counterpart.

B4 and T5's previous master was a bit of an odd duck. He took great delight in loading all sorts of bizarre simulation and philosophy software into B4's memory banks, the result of which is that B4 probably knows more about life than most organic beings.


An astromech droid responsible for most of the day-to-day maintenance aboard Liana's light freighter Wanderer. T5 is a squat little thing who is always one moment away from becoming a headline. Something along the lines of "Droid slaughters entire planet" would be right up his alley.

Like most astromechs, he can't speek Basic, only the zip-squeal language of his kind. This usually helps hide his truly homicidal tendencies. Only the fact that he has no internal weaponry has prevented many a tragedy.

So, you ask, why would a droid like this be allowed to endure? Well, the Wanderer has undergone a lot of modification since it was built, long before Liana bought it. T5 is the only droid with a hope of ever understanding all the bibs and bobs of the highly bastardized systems. Furthermore, when he was taken for a memory wipe, T5's efficiency in the role of ship mechanic fell so drastically that the entire operation was endangered. So T5 is allowed to plot the eventual demise of the crew, but not without his counterpart gently foiling his every scheme.

Sten Ni Vanden

Kara's father. Sten is extremely protective of his daughter and her secret. Gruff and irritable, Sten is surprisingly tender toward Kara. Of course, that doesn't mean he won't tease her when the opportunity arises...

Mairi Ni Vanden

Kara's mother and teacher. While Mairi is Force-sensitive, she is not nearly as adept with it her daughter. It was Mairi who taught Kara to fight, to Sing, and to listen to the Music of all life as it wafts through the world around her.

Mairi is a quiet woman, used to living with her small family out on the fringes of the Derra IV wilderness. She is a fierce protector of her daughter and their family secret.

Kirennan Venaar, Dark Lord of the Sith

The first thing a person notices about Kirennan Venaar is the almost otherworldly allure of the man. He is tall and graceful, his smooth face is so handsome the word beautiful is nearly appropriate. His dark hair frames a chiseled face that needs no adornment, though his robes tend to the ornate, worked with gold and jewels.

The second thing is his utter civility. Dark Lord he may be, but Lord Venaar is also well-mannered, polite and seems almost incurably naive. He can usually be found in his chambers aboard the Dragon, which are lined floor to ceiling with books of all descriptions. How such a temperament survived the dark side of the force is a mystery. It is said that Sith look inward while Jedi look outward, to serve those around them rather than themselves. Perhaps this is the answer to riddle of Venaar. His anger is so focused at a single, burning instant that he has escaped the ravages of the darkness.

His former Master, Darth Signus, was not the sole claimant for the title of Dark Lord. On a day that still burns in Venaar's mind, his Master's enemies attacked, surrounding the pair of them with hundreds of dark Force warriors, blades gleaming crimson.

Darth Signus fell early, but not before leaving a swath of death behind him. Seeing his Master fall, Venaar screamed, hatred and anger flowing from him like rain from a storm-wracked mountain. When at last his voice trailed off and the haze cleared, his enemies were dead, hundreds lay charred and blackened by the sheer power Venaar had unleashed.

A weak movement off to his side drew Venaar's eye. His Master yet lived, though death was near him. Hurrying to his side, Venaar took his hand, trying desperately to save his life, but darkness is not a power of healing. He felt his master slipping away.

Weakly, Darth Signus told Venaar of a book, hidden in his chambers. The book detailed a Sith legend of ancient power, from which Venaar himself may be directly descended. Signus made the new Dark Lord swear by his blood and power to use the knowledge in the book to restore the Sith to glory, then he died.

Finding the book, Venaar became convinced that he had found his destiny. Taking the Sith military into his hands once again, Venaar has turned them from squabbling warlords, content with the scraps left them by the Republic, into a small but fearsome armada once again. With judicious use of his limited resources, Venaar has begun to expand the Sith influence in the galaxy once again.

Gillard Hyridan

An aging old guard of the Sith military, Gillard Hyridan is a barrel of a man. A bit overweight perhaps, but still built powerfully, with a still grim, scowling face and an iron hand of discipline.

Hyridan has served in the Sith navy for over thirty years. He followed Revan as a young officer in her betrayal of the Republic. He rose through the ranks and now commands the flagship of the Sith fleet, the Dragon.

Proud of his life and position, Hyridan is among the core of Sith officers with little or no respect for Lord Venaar. He sees the man as soft, not willing to do what is needed to return the Sith to glory. That said, Hyridan is fiercely loyal to the man who is, after all, his Lord and Master.


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