"On the darkest day in Human history, the Comet Empire returned..."

As I neared the end of writing season two, it became more and more obvious that we were going to need something... special. The first season focused primarily on events from the point of view of the Argo's crew, but we never really explained where the original Star Force got off too. Furthermore, we hadn't really had much time to flesh out the Comet Empire as a people. Sure, we could have explained such things through season two (no spoilers here, don't worry), but it felt like a missed opportunity.

And then I re-watched “My Youth In Arcadia” for about the thousandth time. In an off-handed way, we sort of roped that film into the SoS continuity once before. When Hans mentions Harlock back in episode four, he vaguely describes events from that film. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to do a special episode focusing on the actual invasion of Earth.

This had to be different though. It couldn't be the sort of “narrow-setting” we have in the series... the Argo was still scrap at this point. The answer was a rambling viewpoint, telling the story of two men, both looking for the way forward after painful loss. Jahmorta after the death of his beloved son, and Derek after the loss of the man who he'd come to view as his father in all but blood. Add a dash of politics, a liberal dose of intrigue, and simmer.

The results are truly delicious. We hope you'll enjoy listening to this feast for the ears.


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  • Invasion! was written, produced and directed by Devin Cox, of Forward Momentum Productions.
  • Unlike the rest of Sea of Stars, Invasion's soundtrack is drawn primarily from the film “My Youth in Arcadia” composed by Toshiyuki Kimori
  • All the sound effects for Sea of Stars come from one of three sources: The original Star Blazers dvds; the “Sound Fantasia Yamato” CDs which are now out of print; and The Freesound Project, at freesound.org.


  • Derek Wildstar: Joe Harrison
  • Pastor: Devlin James
  • Narrator: Mark “The ENCaffinated ONE” Kilfoil
  • Crowd: Devin Cox and Sean Hill
  • Homer Glitchman: Jeffery Lincoln
  • Sandor: Jason Ramboz
  • Anshon: Devlin James
  • Imperial Priests: R. Douglass Barbieri, Josh Lambright and Jeffery Lincoln
  • Nova Forester Wildstar: Amy Howard Wilson
  • Mei Gideon: Silas Carder
  • Archprelate: Chris Walker
  • Emperor Jahmorta: Jim Perry
  • GNN Newscaster: Matthew R. Smathers
  • General Thaddeus Singleton: Andrew Seally
  • Wendy Singleton: Sarah Moore
  • Prince Zordar: Frederick Kopetz
  • James Conolly: Chris Walker
  • EDF Tech: Devin Cox
  • “The Rose”: Xiang Xiang Liu

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