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Episode 6 : Firestorm

The Scourge Fleet has arrived, and the Argo must face it... alone.

This is it. Everything rides on this fight. Either the Argo defeats the Scourge Fleet, or it doesn't and humanity dies.

I really don't have anything to add to that. Let's just say it's not a forgone conclusion that the good guys win...


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  • Sea of Stars is written, produced and directed by Devin Cox, of Forward Momentum Productions.
  • All music in the series is drawn from several commercially released CDs of music from the original animated series “Uchuu Senkan Yamato.” Many of the CDS have long since gone out of print, though some may still be importable through Amazon.com.
  • All the sound effects for Sea of Stars come from one of three sources: The original Star Blazers dvds; the “Sound Fantasia Yamato” CDs which are now out of print; and The Freesound Project, at freesound.org.


  • Narrator: Mark “The ENCaffinated ONE” Kilfoil
  • Captain Derek Wildstar: Joe Harrison
  • IQ-9: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Hans Schneider: Zach McCue
  • Mac Stevens: Emry Kinney
  • Mei Gideon: Silas Carder
  • Jordan “Jordy” Venture: Dave Frizzell
  • Michael Vega: Sean Hill
  • Colin O'Donnell: Jim Perry
  • Neville Drake: Scott Breakall
  • Sam Vandom: Philippa Ballantine
  • Joachin Reyes: Nathan Butler
  • Emperor Jahmorta: Devlin James
  • Princess Izri: Natalie Van Sistine
  • Admiral Kahn: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • General Wendy Singleton: Melissa D. Johnson (aka Mippa)
  • General Singleton's Aide: Jim Perry
  • Comet Empire Tech #2: Eric Olp
  • High Priest Anshon: Devin Cox
  • Black Tiger Six: Lisa Wong
  • Black Tiger Four: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Philippe de LaRoche: Allan Smithee
  • Comet Empire Tech #3: Ducky Patterson
  • General Geran: Andre de Almeida
  • Harlock: Ducky Patterson
  • Arcadia Crewman: Jason Ramboz

Album Art of the Episode