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Episode 9 : Threads of the Past

Messengers from the next world bring tidings of hope to the crew of the Argo, and possibly a solution to the desperate fate awaiting Earth.

We all have them. Those frozen moments, those crystalline seconds of dread that shape who we are going forward.

For Derek Wildstar, that moment is the death of his wife, Nova. He'd give anything to see her once again, to hold her, to hear her voice...

Sometimes, there are... events. Things no once can explain. Events that run off track. One of them is about to happen, and Derek, and the rest of humanity, will never be the same again.

Forward Momentum is deeply grateful to Amy Howard Wilson, the original voice actress of Nova from Star Blazers, for volunteering to reprise the role for this special episode.


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  • Sea of Stars is written, produced and directed by Devin Cox, of Forward Momentum Productions.
  • All music in the series is drawn from several commercially released CDs of music from the original animated series “Uchuu Senkan Yamato.” Many of the CDS have long since gone out of print, though some may still be importable through Amazon.com.
  • All the sound effects for Sea of Stars come from one of three sources: The original Star Blazers dvds; the “Sound Fantasia Yamato” CDs which are now out of print; and The Freesound Project, at freesound.org.


  • Narrator: Mark “The ENCaffinated ONE” Kilfoil
  • Michael Vega: Sean Hill
  • Neville Drake: Scott Breakall
  • Mei Gideon: Silas Carder
  • Trelena: Peg DiGrazia
  • Captain Derek Wildstar: Joe Harrison
  • IQ-9: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Reyes: Nathan Butler
  • Pops McClendon: Devlin James
  • Nova: Amy Howard Wilson
  • Prince Zordar: Frederick Kopetz
  • Mark Venture: Jefferey Lincoln
  • Comet Empire Tech #4: Jeffrey Lincoln
  • Major Terril: Matthew R. Smathers

Album Art of the Episode