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Episode 11 : Always Darkest...

The Argo launches an attack on an Imperial armory, even as Jahmorta begins the final assault on Earth.

This is it, night has fallen.

The Comet Emperor begins his final assault on Earth, his goal not to re-conquer it, or to enslave her people... but to obliterate humanity from the cosmos. Driven mad by grief, Jahmorta cannot rest until those who took his son, his beloved Zordar, are expunged from the universe.

Earth's allies stand united, but they look upon Jahmorta's armada and see their doom upon them. Despite it all they cling to one, slim hope. After all, it's always darkest before...


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  • Sea of Stars is written, produced and directed by Devin Cox, of Forward Momentum Productions.
  • All music in the series is drawn from several commercially released CDs of music from the original animated series “Uchuu Senkan Yamato.” Many of the CDS have long since gone out of print, though some may still be importable through Amazon.com.
  • All the sound effects for Sea of Stars come from one of three sources: The original Star Blazers dvds; the “Sound Fantasia Yamato” CDs which are now out of print; and The Freesound Project, at freesound.org.


  • Narrator: Mark “The ENCaffinated ONE” Kilfoil
  • Mei Gideon: Silas Carder
  • Jordy Venture: Dave Frizzell
  • Mac Stevens: Emery Kinney
  • Michael Vega: Sean Hill
  • Neville Drake: Scott Breakall
  • Captain Derek Wildstar: Joe Harrison
  • Sam Vandom: Philippa Ballantine
  • Joachin Reyes: Nathan Butler
  • IQ-9: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Singleton's Aide: Devin Cox
  • General Singleton: Sarah Moore
  • Captain Harlock: Dylan Spencer
  • Black Tiger 6: Devin Cox
  • Black Tiger 4: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Thomas Vega: Jason Ramboz
  • Pirate 2: Matthew R. Smathers
  • Pirate 1: Andrew Seally
  • Emperor Jahmorta: Jim Perry
  • Admiral Kahn: Jonathan Edward Dolnier (aka Pokejedservo)
  • Crown Prince Darcal: Eric Olp
  • Imperial Princess Izri: Natalie Van Sistine
  • Desslok: R. Douglas Barbieri
  • Galman Tech: Jefferey Lincoln

Album Art of the Episode