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Episode 6: Fly! Zero!

The Skies of Gallmania flash with artificial lightning. Deadly skill and fierce pride match pilot against pilot in sport rather than war, but it is no less deadly for all of that.

And in this tense scene, Emperor Desslok's truth weighs heavily upon its secret bearer.

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  • Sea of Stars: Odyssey is written, produced and directed by Devin Cox, of Forward Momentum Productions.
  • Music in the series comes primarily from the soundtracks of the anime “Uchuu Senkan Yamato Twenty-one Ninety-nine.” Based on themes composed by Hiroshi Miyagawa and Kentaro Haneda- as well as new works composed by Akira Miyagawa.
  • All the sound effects for Sea of Stars come from one of three sources: The original Star Blazers dvds; the “Sound Fantasia Yamato” CDs which are now out of print; and The Freesound Project, at freesound.org.


  • Narrator: Kyle Akers
  • Tommy “TomTom” Harrison: Alex Elespuru
  • Kinu “Silk” Ogawa: Taylor Carlson
  • Galman Flight Control: Jennifer Bonczyk
  • Android: Angela Mendoza
  • Captain Madeline Venture: Jessica Osborne
  • Ambassador Benedict Sheridan: Jeff Asbury
  • Senator Paul Lane: Matt Seago
  • Commander Reginald Montgomery III: Cour
  • “Zero”: Ashley Lynn
  • Deela Rukali: Rebecca Thomas
  • General Faust: Thomas Drake
  • Faust’s bridge officer: Rachael Huszar
  • Fleet Admiral Kine: Josh Lambright
  • Edward Morgan: FInn M-K
  • Cade Morgan: James Balog
  • Adde Beaumont: Shannon Hobby
  • Pulsar: James Cleveland
  • David Erickson: Ste Holland
  • Thea Holtz: Alex Tran
  • Steven Jacobs: Hamer (The HamerTn)
  • Melvin Timms: Josh Lambright
  • Galman Tech: April Jensen
  • Lord Masterson: Michael Charles

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